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burlap pillow cover diy sliding walls and (garage) doors geometric cushion covers

Sally Schneider

Friends of ours recently finished the long renovation of their brownstone in Brooklyn; designed by artists, the house is full of interesting ideas. One of the most dramatic is the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that collapse sideways to open to the lush garden in the back…;on two floors no less.?(Our photographs were taken while the punch-list was being done, a few days before our friends moved in; we thought it would be great to have before-and-after photos down the line of the empty-then-lived in house.)

accent pillow case baby burlap housewares

When the doors are fully openburlap pillow cover diy, the house feels like a tree house: the outside is, startlingly, right there…;expanding the concept of al fresco...

Then we started looking for ways to achieve this lovely effect with more modest means…;…;


…;and stumbled on other permutations of the moveable outside wall idea.?Megan Woo told us about her neighbors whose kitchen opened to the garden via an electronic garage door. She didn’;t have a photo so we went hunting and found a bunch…;

Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn/Coastal Living




New York Magazine

…;We came across pictures of two different houses in Noe Valley whose garages (with door intact) were transformed into a moveable living area wall…;



…;garage door as moveable wall…;

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