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burlap pillow cover diy magazine storage d-i-y- belt them! geometric cushion covers

We really like this novel way to store magazines by strapping stacks of them with belts; it turns them into an objet,?a surprising something that is more stylish than a stack of magazinesburlap pillow cover diy, yet serves a function. Cool-looking belts can be had cheap at second-hand and thrift stores. We wondered if the stack could go stool height without slipping around, for impromtu seating or surface. We found this iteration of the idea…;which we’;re not crazy about. It would be easy enough to deconstruct. We’;d try using a cut-to-size board for support instead of the fussy legged platform, and dumping the pillow…;maybe just put a rectangle of leather on top to protect the magazines (which we’;d want to keep in good shape).

via French By Design

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