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burlap pillow cover diy color-painted panels as decorative element geometric cushion covers

We were browsing through sylist Sara Sj?gren’;s website, when we came across several rooms decorated with painted panels. Easy-to-d-i-y rectangles of plywood or stretched canvas painted (or sprayed) with a single vivid color bring these rooms to life (imagine them without the panels and you see what we mean)…;

We love that you can move them around and make new arrangements and patterns as your mood changes…;

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…;without the commitment of painting a wall…;

Like the?chalkboard panel we posted a while back, colored panels can hide a host of problemsburlap pillow cover diy, from scarred walls to outlets.

You can buy pre-stretched canvas in largish sizes at good art supply stores. Come to think of it, we remember that photographer Maria Robledo made huge gorgeous panels by stretching colored linen like an artists canvas, which she used as easy-to-maneuver backdrops for her photos. (Click here for a d-i-y on stretching your own canvas.)

via S?derbergagentur

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Autumn has always been my favorite season — the crisp air, the colorful foliage, the pumpkin-spiced everything! I always like to incorporate the beauty of fall into my home decor around this time, so I thought I’d share my favorite autumnal treasures from The Bradford Exchange help you do the same! Scroll down to see my top 6:

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