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burlap pillow cover diy Why You Can’t Go Wrong with a Classic Bold Stripe personalized pillow cases vintage

Annie has rarely met a stripe she didn’t like, and that counts double when it comes to a classic broad nautical stripe in a fun color or a goes-with-anything neutral. Stripes work on any—and we mean any—type of textile or surface, from walls and floors to bedding, bath towels, area rugs, throw pillowsburlap pillow cover diy, and more. We’ve put together three of our different types of stripe treatments, plus a pretty fabulous room design featuring indigo and white stripes that look amazing paired with a practically endless array of other patterns. Keep scrolling for the goods.

bed pillow covers

1. Neutral Stripes

It’s almost impossible to mess up neutral stripes, but the reason this design works is the mix of scale: the broad stripe on the decorative pillow, bed skirt, and headboard is balanced by the large pinstripe of the duvet and shams, and the delicate embroidered strip of the sheets and shams. The area rug—a subtle herringbone in woven cotton—even mimics a stripe with its rows of interconnected rectangles.

2. White and One Color Stripes

Since white is the ultimate pairing partner and looks pretty terrific when contrasted with a punchy color, we’re loving this mix of aqua stripes.?The broad stripe of the storage bins is the center-stage? pattern, and is offset by the banding “stripe” around the edges of the towels and the embroidered stripe of the shower curtain. Even the bath rug has a stripe woven into the design, for an unexpected variation on the theme.

3. Multicolored Stripes

If you can’t get enough color, we say play it up. Choose a striped area rug?in a mix of fiesta-ready hues as your foundation, and layer in solids from that palette. Two or three is a safe bet, but we went for the bold with this design and used four different colors from the rug palette to create a kids’ bedroom. To keep it from teetering into circus territory, we kept the walls and furniture white, broke the solid colors into quadrants with bedding coordinates, and went with minimal accents.

Since blue bedding is hugely popular right now, we also put together a collection of our current favorites in indigo and white, featuring—you guessed it—a big, bold stripe with tons of peppy preppy flair.

1. Chadna Indigo 20” Decorative Pillow

2. Selke Fleece Indigo Continental Pillow

3. Alex Indigo Decorative Pillow

4. Selke Fleece Indigo Blanket

5. Alex Indigo Window Panel

6. Trio Indigo Duvet Cover

7. Alex Indigo Bed Skirt

8. Alex Indigo Square Storage Bin

9. Petite Vine Indigo Flat Sheet?

Petite Vine Indigo Pillowcases?

10. Checks Indigo Woven Cotton Rug

I think crafting is like storytelling. When we make a gift for someone, we’re telling them that we care. Things we make for ourselves tell about our style and interests. Sometimes, crafts tell the story of what we love or have loved. That’s what this shadow box does.

Summer is almost upon us and so are pineapples! Pineapples are delicious and give the feel of paradise without flying all the way to Hawaii. It’s also fun to be able to decorate with pineapples! Why not enjoy this fun, summery trend with some DIY pineapple craft stickers? A while ago I painted watercolor pineapples and thought they’d be fun on a sticker. These pineapple stickers are so easy and you can even make them without a cutting machine, although it will be much easier with a cutting machine.

Note:?We chose?a?smooth pumpkin with?a?unique pale-pink skin that contrasts softly with?the embroidery colors, then gave the blushing beauty pride of place on?a?moss-covered pediment. But it will look?just?as lovely?at the center of?a?table or spotlighted on your stoop.