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burlap pillow cover diy Turn a fresh piece of wood into a weathered wood with TA paints personalised birthday gifts

We all know how good Tattered Angels paints are for using on all kinds of papers but did you know that you can use our mists and glazes to turn something new into something old??

Karen Crossen shows us how to make an eye-catching, vintage-looking piece of home decor using a piece of wood and some Tattered Angels paints.

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‘;I love making small home decor pieces! This little wood piece is just perfect for a bookshelf or hanging on a gallery wall. My friends and family are always giving me scraps of wood and they are not always the older rustic wood I am looking to use but using the Tattered Angels Baseboard Mists and Glimmer Glazes, I can turn a ‘;new’; piece of wood into a ‘;weathered’; or ‘;rustic’; piece of wood in no time at all!’; –; says Karen.

Materials used:Slate of WoodTattered Angel Glimmer Glaze –;?Mercury GlassTattered Angel Glimmer Glaze –;?SatchelTattered Angel Chalkboard Mist –; ChalkTattered Angel Baseboard Mist –; CardboardCanvas Corp Jute BallUltimate Crafters GlueLeather CordingButtonMatte MediumTissue PaperTapeWord Processing Program and a Printer


Here are all the steps that Karen followed:

Start with a scrap of wood, mine was about 7 inches by 10 inches. Then spray a layer of Tattered Angels Baseboard in the color Cardboard all over the wood. Don’;t worry if it is lighter or darker in spots –; the more variations the more realistic the wood coloring!

Now, this is where I had a little oopsburlap pillow cover diy, that turned into a happy accident! As I was streaking on the Tattered Angels Satchel and Mercury Glass Shimmer Glaze, I spilled the Mercury Glaze bottle onto my craft sheet. Not wanting to waste a drop, I used a paint brush to brush the mercury glaze over the entire piece! So, don’;t spill yours, but cover the entire piece with the glaze –; it gives is such a perfect gray weathered look!

While the glaze is drying prepare your text and map tissue paper. Wrap a piece of tissue paper around a piece of printer paper and tape it down tightly. Then run the tissue paper through the printer. If your tissue paper has a shiny side, make sure to print onto the non-shiny side! Type up the words you want on your computer and print them out!! I also used a second piece of tissue paper wrapped printer paper and copied a map of Georgia to go underneath the text! Use matte medium to glue the pieces to the piece of wood! I find the best way to stick it down is to put the ‘;glue’; onto the wood and then place the paper on top. Use a brush with matte medium on it, brush from the middle out to the edges very gently!

After the matte medium is dry, use the Tattered Angel white Chalk spray to lighten up the gray color with white spots, big and small. The?bottom picture shows the comparison on the?form and back of the wood when was finished off with the white mist! It looks so weathered!

Finally, finish up the decor piece with jute cord, leather cording and a small button. Use a good glue to make sure your embellishments don’;t com off the piece when you are done! And you are finished and now enjoy your new piece!

Did you even know that it was so easy to transform a slice of ‘;new’; wood into such a distressed and old looking piece of art? As you can see, Tattered?Angels paints are indeed good for?absolutely every?singe art project!

For?more ideas, visit Karen’;s blog?and Instagram.

Enjoy your crafty day!

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