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burlap pillow cover diy Turn Plain Card Box Into A Beautiful Jewellery Gift Box personalised birthday gifts

When buying (or making) gifts for other, we tend to focus more on the gift?itself than on the way it is presented to its recipient. But did you think about the fact that the wrapping is the first thing the person sees? Not the gift! So why not put some more effort into it and make sure that the gift box is just as ‘;worthy’;.

With only a couple of spritzes and sprinkles of Tattered Angels paints, our Crew member Claudia Neubacher?turns a plain card box into a beauty in its own right!

accent pillow case baby burlap floor

‘;Besides doing mixed media artburlap pillow cover diy, I also create altered art jewelry that I love to give away as birthday gifts. And as I am a hoarder of boxes of all kinds, I always have one at hand when in need for something to put my handmade necklace or ring in. Altering boxes is great fun and with Tattered Angels mists and paints it is also very quickly and easily done.’; –; explains Claudia.

Materials used:Tattered Angels –; High Impact Paint –; IvoryTattered Angels –; Glimmer Glam –; Organic GardenTattered Angels –; Glimmer Mist –; Vintage PinkTattered Angels –; Glimmer Mist –; PomegranateTattered Angels –; Glimmer Mist –; GoldTattered Angels –; Glimmer Mist –; Coffee ShopDecoArt Americana matte Decou-PageWashi TapeEmbellishment cast from plaster

Tools:Palette knifeSpray bottle with waterSoft fine tip brushBone folderHeat gunCraft sheet or palette

To cover the box lid, get an old book page of matching size and brush on some matte medium or strong decoupage glue. Do not cut the page to size!

Thoroughly apply?the glued on page and remove any air?bubbles?using a bone folder.

Once the glue has dried, tear off the excess of the dictionary page so you get uneven edges.

Get your plaster cast and the box lid and bottom and spray all with Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist. Use a heat gun to dry the pieces.

Using a palette knife, scrape on some Ivory High Impact paint to the box lid. Then glue on the cast ornament and rub?the paint on using your fingertip. Let dry naturally.

Pick a soft fine tip brush and your Organic Garden Glimmer Glam and sprinkle some onto the lid.

Unscrew the Vintage Pink Glimmer Mist bottle and use the nozzle’;s tube to add more sprinkles.

Spray a bit of Gold Glimmer Mist onto a palette or craft sheet, dip your finger into the paint and rub it on the embellishment.

Spritz some water around the embellishment and use a fine tip brush to apply some Pomegranate Glimmer Mist straight from the bottle. The water helps with diluting the paint and dragging it away from the embellishment’;s outer edges. This way you will get a soft fading effect and a kind of “;frame”; around the focal piece.

To finish off your box, cover the lid’;s sides with some washi tape that matches the design and colours of your box. You’;re done!

What an astonishing transformation! Now, the?container is just as much a piece of art as its contents. We are sure that anyone would be more?than happy to receive?their handmade jewellery in such a beautiful packaging.

More creative inspiration on Claudia’;s blog and Instagram.

Enjoy your day!

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