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burlap pillow cover diy The Your Home & Garden team's top Christmas gifts from Farmers sofa pillow covers

Just in time for Christmas! The Your Home &; Garden team inspire us with their top picks for Christmas gifts from their summer homeware range at Farmers

If your ideas for Christmas gifts this year have been lacking inspiration you’;re in luck! The team at Your Home and Garden have put together their favourite items from their range at Farmers.

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The fresh, contemporary range has been inspired by natural New Zealand landscapes and designed to fit seamlessly into any style.

We love that the?Your Home &; Garden homeware range was created with Kiwi lifestyle in mind. With natural textures, high-quality materials and a sophisticated, subtle colour-palette the range is?perfect for Christmas gifts.

Your Home &; Garden range can be found at selected Farmers stores nationwide, and you can shop online at Farmers.co.nz. Get your Christmas shopping sorted and make sure you make the most of the Your Home &; Garden?half-price sale, running 8th –; 12th December 2016.


Kosta Planter 60cm, $99.99; Kosta Planter 92cm, 139.99; Montana Floor Lamp, $399.99; ?Kastav Rug, $499.99; ?Alora Chair, Grey, $899.99;?Cushions (from left):?Florence Ombre Cushion, 45x45cm, $69.99;?Astar Cushion, 45x45cm,?$69.99.


Vases (from left):?Versilla Vase, Plum, $69.99; Messina Vase, Gold $59.99; Items on bookshelf (from top):?Rocha Glass Domeburlap pillow cover diy, large, $99.99; Rocha Glass Dome, small, $69.99;?Sienna Candle, Grey Marble, $49.99;?Sienna Diffuser, Grey Marble,?$49.99; Lesina Glass Plant Holder, Large, $59.99, Lesina Glass Plant Holder, Small, $39.99; Pharoah Salad Bowl, $99.99;?Catalina Décor Bowl, $89.99;?Alora Chair, Grey, $899.99;?Florence Ombre Cushion, 45x45cm, $69.99;?Bella Cushion 30x60cm, $69.99.


Serene Fitted Sheet Set, $159.99 –; $199.00; Cambrai Duvet Cover Set, $319.99 –; $359.99;?Aspen Throw, Mint, $79.99,?Lavinia Diffuser, Mint, $39.99.


Xoxo Pillowcase Set, 51x78cm, $59.99;?Cambrai Duvet Cover Set, $319.99 –; $359.99;??Lustre Foiled Cushion, Gold, 92x40cm, $99.99;?Edina Vase, Blue, $49.99;?Sienna Candle, Grey Marble, $49.99.


Ava Duvet Cover, $179.99 –; $219.99.?Aura Marble Euro Pillowcase, $39.99.


Maze Cushion, Blue, 30x 50cm, $69.99; Azure Duvet Cover Set, $179.99 –; $219.99;?Sienna Candle, Grey Marble, $49.99;?Sienna Diffuser, Grey Marble,?$49.99;?Rocha Glass Dome, large, $99.99.


Asami Duvet Cover, $179.99 –; $219.99; Sienna Candle, Grey Marble, $49.99;?Sienna Diffuser, Grey Marble,?$49.99;?Edina Vase, Blue, $49.99.


Clockwise: Iva Marble Cheese Board, White, $79.99;?Blanca Cheese Board Square, White, $69.99;??Ezel Cheese Board Round, Marble/Wood, $99.99; Sylvan Cheese Knive Set, 49.99; Iva Marble Cheese Board, Grey, $79.99;?Sereno Slate Coasters, $39.99;?Pharoah Chopping Board, D51cm, $89.99;?Pharoah Chopping Board, D36cm, $49.99.


From clockwise: Iva Marble Cheese Board, Grey, $79.99; Niseko Mug, $9.99;?Tasca Placemat, Sage, 38cm, $9.99;?Pharoah Charger, D36cm, $49.99; Niseko Bowl,?$14.99;?Tasca Placemat, Charcoal, 38cm, $9.99; Niseko Dinner Plate, $18.99;?Niseko Side Plate, $13.99;?Cidra Condiment Bowl, $69.99;?Pharoah Platter, $99.99.

I found these great laminated pressed cardboard trays at Ikea. ?And they found there way into my bedroom. ?(I knew the purple one would, and she brought her blue friend with her). ?They make great catch-alls.

And doing it beautifully.?

Your Home and Garden features director Lucy Slight has created an eclectic living room in her heritage Auckland home using lots of secondhand treasures and tropical plants