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burlap pillow cover diy Pillow Personality with Fairfield Processing- EZ Zippered Pet Bed customized rustic pillow covers

No pillow series would be complete without a little something for the furry members of the family. Official test-pup, Sandy the Welsh Corgi, declared it to be the perfect place to catch 40 (to 400) winks. There's an easy-to-insert plastic zipper in one side so you can remove the cover and toss it in the wash. The finished size is about 27" x 36"burlap pillow cover diy, which makes it good for a small to medium size dog or a couple giant cats. You can expand, or reduce, the dimensions as needed to best fit your best friend.

Our plush pet bed uses two layers of?Fairfield's NU-Foam??for a soft yet stable cushion.?Fairfield products are easy to find! They're available at the big box stores, national fabric stores, as well as your favorite local quilt shop.?

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Project Design: Alicia Thommas Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Debbie Guild

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