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burlap pillow cover diy Make your curtains BLACKOUT CURTAINS (simplified version) pillow case baby

Since moving to our new home over a month ago, I have had blackout curtains on my “;to-do”; list.? And while waiting for those curtains to be made…;…;I’;ve had blankets and tablecloths hanging from the curtain rods.? Eeek.? My little guy has had a Valentine Tablecloth (with large hearts all over it) hanging over his window.? He keeps asking when his “;real”; curtains will be ready.? Sorry buddy…;…;the time is now.

I have finally begun making curtains for the kiddos room…;…;and making them into Blackout Curtains.? In a seriously simple way.

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Nothing fancy…;…;just a piece of Blackout Lining added to my curtains.? But really effective.

It stays right in place and unnoticed…;…;…;…;unless you separate the fabric from the lining.

Here’;s the difference.? The lining is in place on the left and then is pulled out of the way on the right.? Pretty drastic, right?

The lining is added right up at the top of the curtains.? And hangs perfectly straight, slightly smaller than the curtain dimensions.

And you’;d never be able to tell from the front of the curtains.

Would you like to make your own Blackout Curtains (a really simplified version)??

First of allburlap pillow cover diy, I bought my curtains from?Ikea because I loved the fabric of these grommet curtains.? However, I didn’;t want the grommets.? Lucky for me, the curtains were too long so I just cut the grommet section off at the top.

So if you have existing curtains or if you’;re making new curtains, you can simply add some blackout lining to the back of your curtains.? Easy as that.

I went to Joann Fabric and found some blackout lining for $6.99/yard but it was half off.? (It comes on a big roll back by their upholstery fabric and you can buy it by the yard.)? So I bought like 12 yards of it so I could use it with all of the bedroom curtains.? And because I bought so much of it, they wound it right back on the roll that it comes on.? Thanks!? (Here’;s the kind I bought.)

This blackout fabric has 2 sides to it.? A fabric side and a smoother vinyl feeling side.? The whiter side of mine is the fabric feeling side and I wanted it to face outward and the more beige side (smoother vinyl feeling side) to lay right against my fabric.? I think the unspoken rule to is to have your white curtain lining face the window so that passersby outside only see white.? (By the way, you can iron this blackout lining on a low setting…;…;but be sure to iron on the fabric side.)

If your curtains are already constructed, just cut your piece of curtain lining slightly smaller along all edges, and then attach your lining near the top of the your curtains.? Perhaps right below whatever sort of hem you have at the top.

If you’;re making your curtains from scratch (or have cut off the top like I have), hem both sides of your curtains first and then hem the bottom.? Next, fold over the top a 1/2 inch and then another amount that’;s big enough to go around your curtain rod.? Iron flat and pin in place.

Then cut a piece of blackout lining that is slightly smaller than your curtain panel (about an inch smaller along all edges).? Next, slide the top edge of your lining under the folded over section of fabric at the top.? I slid mine under about an inch.? Be sure that your lining fabric is lined up all the way around and is still laying inside the dimensions of the curtain panel by about an inch.

Then sew it in place.? And iron your fabric if needed.? (And remember, if you need to iron the lining, use a low setting and iron on the fabric side.)

Then hang your panels.

And enjoy your dark room.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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