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burlap pillow cover diy Magazine Page Envelopes the PERFECT Multipurpose Business Card geometric cushion covers

Sally Scheider

Pamela Hovland, who designed Improvised Life’;s first site design, periodically sends us notes in?improvised envelopes she makes out of pages torn from magazines and catalogs, whenever she comes across a compelling visual. We were charmed to get her Spring greeting in the form of two letters, both with images of people LEAPING on the outsideburlap pillow cover diy, and her very cool note card within.

burlap throw pillow covers

Sally Schneider

Pamela simply folds the page in three, staples the ends, and affixes stickers for address and return. She seals the back side with big round sticky dots…;

Sally Schneider

Equally as charming, is the note card hidden inside, with a short, potent message:

Sally Schneider


Sally Schneider

The cards are their own bit of brilliance: On one side is a space for writing a note, address, phone number, anything. On the opposite is Pamela’;s name. The little card is the perfect business card that never gets out of date: as Pamela’;s work changes, she can write in whatever info she wants, or use them just to say hello.

Sally Schneider

Wrote Pamela: ?I designed those cards years ago and printed one in white and one in orange. I use them for many things — note cards, gift tags, luggage tags, etc.

An idea to steal.

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