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burlap pillow cover diy Lollipop Card and Baby Wand personalised birthday gifts

Today we would like to share with you a wonderful paper lollipop card baby wand. This is a wonderful project for a baby shower gift or those first few baby birthdays. Its great for a boy or girl and can be made in any color for any theme. So if you are not doing traditional baby you can mix and match the paper to create your own trendy baby theme. ?CCB Crew Member Linda?Skotheim created this adorable wand card with the help of her favorite princess, her daughter. These two make quite the team. So glad they teamed up again for this great project.

ChanelIf you're hoping to stray from the typical flowers and perfume for Valentine's Day this year but don't know where to start, we've got you covered.

waterproof outdoor pillow covers

Have you ever wished you could be a bird? Now you can, with a little help from MJ of MJ’s Off the Hook Designs. She’s created a cozy owl blanket that, when worn, looks like you’re a nocturnal creature with a penchant for mice. The crochet pattern is similar to a fringe throw, but it has a playful twist—the large owl eyes, tiny pointed nose, and feathery ears double as a wearable hood. So, forget your sweatshirt. Now, you can curl up on your couch and stay extra warm as your torso and head are covered.

Love, trust, loyalty, respect, and faith are some of the basic tenets of a healthy and flourishing love relationship. When there is mutual trust, respect towards each other’s ideologies, care for all the low moments, & high five for all the exciting moments – then the love relationship is almost a temple from where only rays of positivity exude. Now to remain loyal all the traits of a healthy relationship requires a commitment for sure. If anyone of the couple lacks that, fights would crop up leading to temporary or permanent wreckage of the relationship.? So, this 2019, on the most romantic month of the year, pledge that you would always stay committed to the promises you make to your partner.

burlap pillow cover diy