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burlap pillow cover diy Little Man Project – A Memorial To A Special Little Boy personalised birthday gifts

Tragedies come in so many different ways, so unexpected, so illogical, so life-changing. ?Creativity is part of the healing process even for those who don’;t see themselves as creative –; a photo collage, a display of memoriesburlap pillow cover diy, a?scrapbook, a shadowbox or maybe even a shoebox filled with?mementos. ?How it is done is not the focus, but the process of creating to heal is what it is all about.

When our creative community found out that a very special little boy, Bentley?Cash Young who lived a short special life with us, we banded together to come up?with a creative way to help our friend Tonya Trantham and her family?through the healing process ?in the days to come. ?So members of?the creative community from around?the world sent mini works of art in memory of Little Man. ?As?the packages and?envelopes began to arrive our hearts were filled with a special joy for that?little boy.

pillow covers geometric

Bentley was just 16 months old?will be in the hearts and minds of those close to them, but now he will live forever in our hearts as we have all gotten to know him in our own special little way.

We pulled all the many parts and pieces together and placed each one together with the front and back exposed to share special thoughts and art. ?

We saved each envelope, with the postmark and stamps and they somehow make the world a close and very special place that truly cares for each other.

Cards of inspiration that remind us that a handwritten note means so much.

And beautiful books, journals and art that each have such special meaning.

While this subject is so?difficult to think about, write about and talk about, the outpouring of creative support is truly an inspiration to all of us. ?

Bentley and family, please know that you have friends from around the world whose hearts you?have filled with special memories. ?Each work of art is in memory of a special little life that we all wish could have been lived to the fullest, but we know that he is watching over us.

A special thanks goes out to Betsy Skagen,?Eileen Hull,?Rachel O’;Crowley and our team here at CCB for?your care?and thoughts in bringing this special project to life. ?Tonya and family please know that as each day goes by you have special memories,?inspirational sayings and?beautiful art that will forever be a memory of a special Little Man.

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