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burlap pillow cover diy Introducing… The 5A Fifth Avenue Collection pillow covers floral

“;This season I am very excited about our big news…;?Can I have a drum roll please for the for the big ‘;Ta-Dah!’; moment, as I introduce you to our fabulous new in house brand:

If you are someone who appreciates the combination of great design, impeccable quality and attention to detail in our Dorma rangeburlap pillow cover diy, but have a slightly more glamorous and metropolitan taste – then this is the brand for you!

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Take a look around a swanky showhome and you will notice that the decorating style is bold but minimalist. Our 5A brand style has a taken on this philosophy for making a statement without clutter.

Most up market brands are so often photographed in huge, dreamy period homes. My vision was to create a collection which is most at home in the modern apartment or new build house. I hope you will see this reflected in the lifestyle photography we’ve created to showcase the range.

The best thing about new builds (apart from warmth!) is that the living rooms are made for lovely big corner sofas. 5A has given me the perfect reason to develop my favourite Mason sofa into a modular version which can be brought onto the home in individual pieces and put together in so many different combinations to fit your personal space. Teamed with a bold statement rug and a smart coffee table, any space can instantly be transformed into a show home style living room.

We’ve selected a fashion inspired palette, which combines charcoal grey, with navy and black. Diagonal patterns keep the look sharp, tailored and unisex in its appeal.

The bedroom focus is on style combined with luxury. We have set our standards high – all our bedding is a minimum of 300 thread count cotton. I love the whole range – but my personal favourite is the Brooklyn Blue design.

A little note for textile geeks like me – this design is created using a high tech ink jet digital printing machine– where miniscule droplets of ink are literally sprayed onto the fabric allowing us to reproduce the most delicate of designs onto the cloth.

This fledgling collection has been such a pleasure to create, it’s come together so naturally – we all instinctively knew it was right as we were developing it, and we are very proud of the results. I hope you enjoy living with the 5A collection as much as we have enjoyed designing it.”;

Paula Nadelstern, a lifelong New Yorker, introduces you to one of her favorite stops in the New York Garment District, a genuine textile lover’s shopping mecca.

I make many things from used clothing. This is a small bag I made from discarded denim jeans.

I love the look of wonky log cabin blocks but I do not like dealing with all those 1/4″ seams to make them, so I came up with this fused method to create?them.