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As with fashion; some things within the history of interior design should remain tucked away in people's distant memories.? Some things however should be held high and mighty to stand the test of time.? Some classics such as the Chesterfield, chandelier and rocking chair have been consistently modernised and bought to life decade after decade.?

Recently we have seen a resurgence of 1950's interior design fashions.? Smooth, curved lines, bright acidic colours and glossy shiny surfaces have re-entered our furniture stores and homes to remember all things fun, funky and free.? Generally given the hat of retro this article takes you through ways to update your interior design with a 1950's twist.

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Although fantastic it is not necessary to go completely hippy when gaining inspiration from 1050’s fashions. High street furniture companies such as Dwell and Habitat have recreated old classics in a much more contemporary style and colour palette. For example, why not choose a retro inspired ring or bucket chair in mochaburlap pillow cover diy, chocolate, black or white.

Their beautifully curved form; with a chic chrome pedestal create a sophisticated yet relaxed finish for your dining room. Add to this a simple curved sideboard or go to town and find a glass version. These types of subtle options are available everywhere and fit in most contemporary style homes to create a unique twist. If you would prefer a more eye-catching and colourful tribute to the 1950’s there are a huge range of vibrant patterns to choose from.

Look at printed fabric, cushions, lampshades and wallpaper and find a classic retro floral pattern in the colour pallet of your choice. Use this for a feature wall or beautiful window dressing to make a focal point within your room and set off an accent colour. In order to keep your design clean and bright, generally, avoid using a lot of different colours and instead stick to a handful of similar shades. Furthermore use the darkest colour as an accent for chairs, rugs or lampshades to avoid the room becoming dark and oppressive.

On the other hand, although most people think of retro style as very colourful, it can in fact be much more muted. Consider creating a black and white colour scheme or shades of browns and beiges with mustard or orange as an uplifting accent. Similarly, if you have the space, it can look truly effective if you create an all white space inspired by the retro look. For example, use a white gloss kitchen, white SMEG refrigerator, white tub chairs, bar stools and accessories.

Create a final statement by having a vivid splash back or one single bright flower. This finish with its retro inspired shapes and textures is very impressive but only truly works if you can maintain the minimalist finish required. To whatever extent you would like to bring retro in to your home, as the article explains, it can be done in truly novel, contemporary and unique way. With clever selection of colours you can create a bright and funky pad or a calm and sophisticated sanctuary.

Whether you tend to change up your living room décor with the arrival of each new season or you're interested in finding a new look for the room, you may want to take inspiration from autumn. The warm, yet muted colours of the season are a natural choice for a colour scheme – and if you don't redecorate your living room seasonally or even annually, you'll be glad to learn that autumn-inspired colours and decorations work well all year long. Try the following tips for giving your living room a warm, autumnal feel that you'll still be happy with even once spring arrives.

I must say, the out-of-town guests at my wedding are getting quite spoiled with ?gifts. (And I have to take a minute to give my mom the credit for it. She has some GREAT ideas.) When they check in to their budget-friendly hotels they will receive this bag:

Today we're going to concentrate on interior design ideas for bedrooms, paying particular attention to master bedrooms rather than guest rooms as we'll be looking at those a little later on this week. Just because it's your bedroom doesn't mean that over the festive season it should be neglected! Keep in the festive spirit and perk-up your bedroom, not necessarily with decorations, but with fresh bedding and duvet cover sets.