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Do you have too many notions and fabrics on your sewing or craft table? I know I always do. Today I’;m going to share with you as a part of the Riley Blake Design team a fun tutorial for a “;Never full”; fabric basket. ??

I’;m always throwing things into piles on my sewing table and thought that I’;d like to have a big fabric bucket to hold some of the things I’;m working on. ?I kind of envision myself keeping all of the fabrics for a particular project inside the basket, then I can move them out of the way if I start working on something else.

toddler pillow cases

The fabrics for this basket are from my Derby Style line…; Many of you have asked if I was going to design another fabric lineburlap pillow cover diy, and I have!

It’;s due to arrive late next winter or early Spring…;I’;ll talk more about it as it gets closer but for now you can find a fun sneak peek of it over at Riley Blake!

You can also find the sewing tutorial for the fabric basket over on the Riley Blake Blog today! Hop on over there and check it out!

Remember how I always host a little Virtual Halloween Parade every year, posting many of the costumes you (or someone you know) made for Halloween??? Well, we can’t skip that…..it’s TRADITION!? (Here are the costume parades from 2013, 2012, 2011,?2010, and 2009.)? On the 31st, I plan on sharing your Handmade Halloween costumes here on my blog, that you and/or your kiddos are wearing this year.? And no, they don’t have to be made by you…….maybe a friend/neighbor/grandma/etc. helped you out.? Go on, share it!? Anything handmade needs a little extra love.? So, I’ll be sharing them here! :)

The past couple of weeks have had me struggling with another bout of homesickness. Strangely, the images of tragedy striking New York City (again) made me feel like I should be there ... I've missed my New England roots many times over the last 5.5 years, but I haven't missed New York like I have these past weeks, seeing my old neighborhood (Tribeca) in pitch darkness, my old Subway stops under water ... Ah. Sandy's winds are pulling on my heart strings ...

One of the best and most economical ways of decorating any room in your home is to just give your walls a coat of paint. If you do this to say, your bedroom you will be amazed at the transformation that can take place, and in a short space of time. You will find a huge variety of colours to choose from that cover the whole spectrum, at first this can seem a little bit daunting, but you enlist the help of the colour wheel you'll have a much better idea as to what colour to choose.