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burlap pillow cover diy Easiest DIY Chalkboard Lettering Tutorial EVER! pillow covers farmhouse

Hello friends! Are you ready to hear all about the the easiest DIY chalkboard lettering tutorial EVER?! You can get this look of nice, neat chalkboardlettering that you have seen in our kitchen makeover reveal quickly and easily!

If you are like me, you have seen fabulous chalkboard walls all over Pinterest. I love, love the versatility of chalkboard walls and knew I wanted one in our kitchen. But exactly how to achieve the beautiful handwriting on the chalkboard wall is something that eludedme. NOT ANYMORE! I figured out an easy method that totally worked for meburlap pillow cover diy, as well as one that didn’t. Today, I will tell you about both.

pillow case baby

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1) Type out whatever quote or saying you want to appear on your chalkboard wall into your word processing program. I decided on a quote from one of my favorite Zac Brown Band songs. Then, choose a size/scale that will be appropriately sized on your chalkboard wall. I printed one word out first and held it up on my chalkboard wall until I was happy with the size of the font. Chose any font that you like. 2) Once you have printed everything out, decide on your layout by taping the words to your chalkboard wall using painter’s tape.

3) Once you are happy with the layout, you can proceed in one of two ways:

Time consuming but effective option:

My quick and easy method:

4) After you are done with your lettering AND you have allowed time for your chalk pen to dry, you can easily erase your chalk lines without in any way messing up your lettering. That's it! If you tire of what you wrote, you can erase it by using a wet washcloth. Then you can start all over. That's fabulous versatility. I cannot wait to decorate mine for Thanksgiving and Christmas :)

I chose a pretty long quote and it took me less than an hour to complete. I brought my sweet girls' art table into the kitchen so they could create their own art while I work on the lettering. They kept telling me how beautiful my art was :) It was fun for everyone.

Do you love chalkboard walls as much as I do? Do you have a chalkboard wall? Have you found an easy method for chalkboard lettering? If so, please share it!

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pillow covers farmhouse

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