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What’s shakin’, my DIY renovators? Take a good look around you.? Do you see that old piece of furniture, you know the one you hauled home for only $20 from the local thrift store or snagged from that yard sale?? Yeah that’;s the piece I’;m referring to.? Well it’;s on its last leg and it’;s screaming for a little style lovin’;.? Don’;t fret because Cutting Edge Stencils is here to help!? You can uncover the hidden charm of that cast-off piece with just a bit of creative stenciling and some elbow grease.

Today’;s Stencil Stories include two of my favorite stencils.? The Nagoya Craft Stencil is definitely a customer favorite to use on various pieces of furniture. While the? Hand Forged Craft Stencil tends to be a hidden treasure! Get excited to see the creative things you can do with old furniture and our fashionable stencils!

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Meet Abbie, the ubber crafty DIYer behind the blog Five Days…;Five Ways.? Abbie is no stranger to stenciling; you might recall her Polka Dot Washing Machine project.? Well her recent to-do list includes making over her little girl’;s room.? She has this cute albeit simple white dresser that appeared to just be begging for some color and a fun loving pattern! Armed with the Hand Forged Craft Stencil and some gorgeous aqua paintburlap pillow cover diy, Abbie decided to stencil this dresser back to life.? To give it the ulitmate glam look, she painted the previous red flower knobs a delightful gold color.? The soothing turquoise and white color combination is a great choice for the intricate pattern.? Abbie says, “;I LOVE it! Seriously, y’;all. I went into this project not knowing quite what to expect from the finished product, but both the stenciling experience and the results far exceeded my expectations.”;? Personally I think it’;s fab, what do you think?? Oh, by the way Abbie is running a Cutting Edge Stencils giveaway that ends soon- so go enter here!

Meet Rita Joy, the crafty gal and the blogger behind Harbour Breeze Home.? Rita Joy bought this old beat up dresser from a local store for $20.? Inspired to create her own Craft Studio, she began with crafting over this piece of furniture.? She painted it with a fresh coat of creamy white paint.? Then using our medium sized Nagoya Craft Stencil, Rita Joy painted the stencil in a lovely shade of green similar to Benjamin Moore’;s grape green 2027-40.? After the project was painted, she found hardware that was left over from another project and added it.? Now the new dresser has a fun little vintage sparkle that’;s perfect for holding all her craft supplies!

Need More Inspiration?

There really is so much you can do with old furniture when you have a great stencil and some paint on hand.? If you’;re looking for some previous posts featuring furniture inspiration, check out Nagoya Stenciled Dresser and Desk and Fab Furniture Fixes!

Can’t get enough?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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