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Today we are featuring Emeline Seet on the blog today, she inspires us with this beautiful kraft journal. She shows us how to make and customize a book that can be used to collect notes, quotes, to-do lists or memories. She choose a common thread and hand picked items from the Canvas Corp’;s The Watering Can collection and 7gypsies’; Gypsy Moments collectionburlap pillow cover diy, along with other crafty pieces that all work so amazing together. ?

Having journal to write in?is essential for crafters like me. I get inspired by quotes I come across, thoughts etc. and I jot them down into this handy midori.?The kraft base is a great platform to embellish and I did so with tags and ivory base pattern papers from 7 Gypsies and Canvas Corp.

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These are the materials I used:

–; Canvas Corp?The Watering Can: Bikes and Baskets on Ivory–; Canvas Corp?Black &; Kraft Big Stripe–; Canvas Corp?Decorative Clothespins –; Black–; 7 Gypsies Large Ephemera: Gypsy Chronicles–; 7 Gypsies Mini Ephemera: Receipts–; 7 Gypsies Paper Tape –; Global–; Kraft Booklet–; Leather Bound Journal

These are the tools I used: Scissors, Adhesive, Kraft Booklet

Step 1:?Adhere a vertical strip of fabric tape onto the front page of the kraft booklet. Then trim 2 stripes of pattern paper (Black&; Kraft Big Strip) 4.25″; x 1″; and another 3″; x 1″; and adhere the larger strip onto the bottom of the booklet.

Step 2:?Align slightly to the right and adhere manila tag onto the booklet. Then, embellish the booklet with 7 Gypsies’; tags &; ephemeras as you wish. To complete your cover, cut Bicycle motif from pattern paper (The Watering Can: Bikes and Baskets) and secure tag, paper strip and die cut title with black clothespin.

Step 3: Design the inside of your booklet. I used bits and pieces from the Canvas papers and 7gypsies tags and ephemeras to create my booklet. Depending on what you’;re using it for, you can either leave ample space to write or fill it with inspirational quotes and pictures. It’;s up to you!

Thank you Emeline for reminding us to be inspired everyday! We love the idea of creating an inspiration and note booklet unique to ourselves.

Check out Emeline’;s blog here!

Happy Creating!

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