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burlap pillow cover diy Clever Colour Combinations – Part 7- Oceanic Blues And Turquoises funny cushion covers

These beautiful colours are ideal in children's bedrooms to create fun and exciting places to play and sleep! White, blue or green paintwork work well, or other primary colours such as red would make a very cheerful looking rooms. Kids bedding is available in a whole host of colours to compliment the oceanic colours of curtains and roller blinds.

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Many people are rightfully cautious about using blinds in children's room for fear of accidents with the pull cords, however, modern roller blinds with side winder mechanisms should be fineburlap pillow cover diy, if you prefer other types of blinds, such as Venetian blinds, choose the styles with wand operation rather than pull cords.

When decorating children's bedrooms, if old enough, you should involve your child, this will not only encourage them to make choices, but will also help them to like the colours, which is likely to cause problems if you simply pick colours you like and don't invite them to choose their own!

Nowadays the stereotypical blue for boys and pink for girls is no longer looked upon as mandatory as they were in the past ,which makes decorating and choosing colours so much more fun! Enabling you and your child to experiment and have fun with colours! It is even possible to buy wallpaper which can be coloured in which may appeal to children more than parents!

Use cheap bedding which can be swapped and changed as necessary to keep children's rooms looking crisp and fresh, rather than paying a lot of money and then being pestered because your child no longer likes the colour!

Having bright and cheerful rooms do not have to be restricted to children's bedrooms. Oceanic blues and turquoises look stunning in bathrooms! Whilst blue is typically associated as being a cold colour when teamed with turquoises you just can't help being reminded of the sea in far away places, rather than the drab muddy seas found around the shores of the UK!

These colour combinations are so bright and cheerful they simply make you smile! So, if you are trying to beat the winter blues, opt for oceanic colours to put the smile back on your face and inject fabulous colour into your home!

2. How do you go about deciding on which products to showcase on Pepperfry?

If I could only take ten tools to a sewing retreat, at least two of them would be my Nifty Notions Cut for the Cure Rulers.?The 4″ x 14″ or 7″ x 14″ rectangle, plus either the 11″ or 14″ square. (The others would be a rotary cutter, mat, my favorite serrated blade shears, brass stiletto, seam ripper, magnetic wool pin cushion with a few pins and needles in it, and a small pair of sharp scissors for trimming.) If it were a quilting retreat, I’d have to also sneak in the quarter square, half square, half rectangle, and bias triangle rulers. (They’re not very big; maybe no one would notice I’d gone over my 10-item limit?)

It’s hard to believe, but in our new home, we have so much storage that I’m actually contemplating removing cabinets. Just months ago, that seemed like a distant dream. In our last home, we had minimal countertop & cabinet space. My grandmother always said “waste not want not”, & with a few easy alterations, we didn’t. We made the most of our small kitchen, even finding extra cabinet space! Today, I’m sharing all of those tips & tricks, many of which can be done in just a few minutes.