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burlap pillow cover diy Clever Colour Combinations – Part 5a- Lipstick Red And Beautiful Black funny cushion covers

Due to the dramatic look these colours favour large lounges with wide windows and white paintwork. You can mix and match in a variety of different ways.

Contemporary and modern interiors look striking with full length black ready made curtains in tactile fabrics such as textured ready made voile curtains, faux silk or organza. The in-trend eyelet headings are the ideal choice to hang from metal curtains poles with a contemporary design. Inject lipstick red by using soft furnishings such as cushions and throws along with the same gorgeous red ornaments , objects of interest or vases and table lamps in black with red shades.

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Swap the curtains for red rather than black to reverse the theme which will bring a totally different look to the room. Lipstick red curtains compliment popular black leather sofas and chairs perfectly and are a cost effective way to create a stunning interior.

The third option you have is to select ready made curtains which incorporate both colours! Opt for contemporary designs with the latest in-trend eyelet curtain fashion of having a solid black top borderburlap pillow cover diy, along with metal curtain poles windows and patio doors can be dressed to create a real focal point within your room. Look out for ready made curtains which have matching cushions to bring the theme together and bring balance to the room.

In the bedroom red and black creates an evocative ambience which is perfect for modern and contemporary styled rooms. Add sensual touches such as ostrich feather boas looped over the headboard, choose modern styles chandeliers in black along with silk and crushed velvet luxury bedding to really set the mood in a tasteful and stylish way!

Dark and dramatic or chic refinement the choice of style is up to you as red and black colour combinations can be used in so many different ways in all styles of homes. Dare to be different and inject vibrancy into your living space by moving away from the more bland colours and using red and black, these colour combinations are more versatile than you may think! If you are feeling a little cautious you can tone down these colour combinations by using charcoal or slate and a rich burgandy red.

As we have seen in parts 1 and 2 of this mini series blue is the ideal colour to use in bedrooms of all shapes, sizes, and interior design styles. There is a shade of blue to suit every taste from the vibrant electric blues and intense cobalt blue to the paler shades of duck-egg blue. Each provides a completely different look and is individual as you want it to be. Cobalt blue is ideal for young people's bedrooms and a great transition colour to create a more grown-up and stylish look! Of course you don't have to have the entire room in cobalt blue it coordinates well with other colours within the same colour ranges such as red, orange, yellow or even pink; as long as the intensity of the colour is the same you won't go far wrong. ?

To end this week's mini-series on using purple in your living room we take a look at deep, rich plum. The colour of ripe Victoria plums is a dark and elegant shade of purple which can crate a chic and stylish living room when used either as the main colour or as the one of the accents. For modern and contemporary interiors the deep colour looks stunning on a feature wall and is perfect for complimenting modern and contemporary styles of furniture in metallic finishes.

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