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I don’t consider myself a “crafty” person. I can’t knit or sew, I don’t scrapbook, and I stay away from paint. But I also knew part of planning a budget wedding would include some DIY. What I’ve realized is that I can be creative with items without needing to make anything myself, or at least not anything time-intensive.

Close to my vision. Photo from Seattle chic on Flickr.

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Bring on?my cheap centerpiece project! My venue offers votive and tealight centerpieces for $8 per table. But I knew I could come up with something more unique and fitting for our fall-themed event for far less. First off we will be having fresh flowers in our centerpieces so I will obviously need something to put them in. I settled on using wine bottles. For the last several months I’ve been saving up nice bottles I buy (not always wine)burlap pillow cover diy, peeling off the labels, soaking and cleaning them. Friends and family members, after hearing of my plan, have been generously donating bottles as well. I plan on tying red, burnt orange, or purple ribbons to each of these.

I’m calling these “free” even though in some cases I’ve spent something on them… I can definitely say they come to less than $4 per bottle. But just plopping one of these on each table won’t do. We’ll also be scattering these red, white, and orange glass pebbles on each table around the centerpieces. These were given to me for free from my boss. We used them for an event last year and they had been lying around the office ever since. I’m just glad I found them!

The third element will be framed photos of my fiancé and me growing up. These will also be free. I’ve asked family and friends if they were willing to donate frames for the day and so far I have a good sized collection of wooden, silver, and neutral toned photo frames. In a few weeks I’ll start digging around our families’ homes for some pictures to put in them. I think this will give our wedding a nice personal touch and who doesn’t like something cute to look at?

One thing I really like about these centerpieces is that they are not only inexpensive but almost completely waste-free. The bottles will be recycled, the pebbles reused, and the photo frames returned to their owners. This makes me feel really good.

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I must say, the out-of-town guests at my wedding are getting quite spoiled with ?gifts. (And I have to take a minute to give my mom the credit for it. She has some GREAT ideas.) When they check in to their budget-friendly hotels they will receive this bag:

Today we're going to concentrate on interior design ideas for bedrooms, paying particular attention to master bedrooms rather than guest rooms as we'll be looking at those a little later on this week. Just because it's your bedroom doesn't mean that over the festive season it should be neglected! Keep in the festive spirit and perk-up your bedroom, not necessarily with decorations, but with fresh bedding and duvet cover sets.