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burlap pillow cover diy COLOR THERAPY AT HOME linen pillow covers

Colors are a part of our everyday life. They might seem like a detail, but colors are not so meaningless – they evoke feelings. Knowing this, we can organize our own little color therapy session at home. Here are some of our tips on how to use them.

Close your eyes. What pops into your mind when you think of blue?The Ocean, beautiful skyburlap pillow cover diy, maybe a lagoon? We naturally tend to associate color blue with these objects. Actually, all of them are the symbols of harmony, peace and stability. If you want to make the space look neutral, yet stylish, use blue – the color fits both ties and t-shirts.

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Green represents freshness and youth. Our eyes naturally relax when we see this colour – it’s something that is inscribed in our DNA. If you cannot grow any plants inside your home, just incorporate green into your environment. If you don’t want to overdo your interior, avoid mixing green with other vivid colors.

Purple is a solid and mature color. It makes you think of ripe grapes, mature wine and blooming flowers, so it stands for all things expensive and royal. Besides that, it has the power to make you feel sentimental.

It’s about time to get noticed! The Orange color aesthetic will definitely make you feel energized and up for some activities. Therefore, it can be the perfect color to up your breakfast table to the next level.

It can be romantic and vivid or fresh and spring-like, it all depends on the tone. But let’s forget the cliches and leave the topic of femininity aside – pink represents composure, not women. Use it in your bedroom to create a fun yet fresh atmosphere and in your kitchen if you are missing the times when everything bloomed.

White color therapy will definitely purify your soul. If you want to get a feeling of freshness – use white. If you want to impress with precision – use white. If you lack balance – use white. We’re sure that it’s more than clear why so many restaurants use white items only.

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Any interior style can be executed in either bold hues or a pared-back palette. See above for inspiration on creating your ideal room in either white or bright