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Since we first launched the design your own baby bedding application?one month?ago, there have been a number of interesting and creative designs created by our customers.? In an industry that is often dominated by pinks and blues, it was quite a surprise to see several custom creations composed in black and white.

Here are a few of the black and white crib bedding sets that have been picked as staff favorites.? In the futureburlap pillow cover diy, we will certainly highlight other custom crib bedding creations.

toddler pillow cases

The first set is simple yet very modern.? The comforter has the front side in solid white with the back and trim in solid black.? The crib skirt is solid white with a black trim and the bumper features the same solid white with black trim configuration.? This set also features a solid white crib sheet.

The next custom black and white crib bedding collection features bold black and white stripes and utilizes the black deck fabric.? The bumper and crib skirt both highlight the black deck fabric and feature a solid black trim.? The comforter has black deck fabric on the front and solid black on the back and trim.? The crib sheet is solid black.

The third black and white custom crib bedding set features a mixture of solids, stripes, dots and checks –; all in black and white.? The crib bumper has an interesting combination of black gingham and black and white dots in alternating panels with black and white striped ties and trim.? The front of the comforter is in black gingham, the back is in black and white stripe and the trim is in black and white dots.? The crib sheet is solid black and the crib skirt is created with black gingham and trimmed in black and white stripes.


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