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Today’s contributor is Tiffany from Making the World Cuter. All posts written by Tiffany for Make It and Love It, can be found here.

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Hi everyone, it’;s Tiffany again from Making the World Cuter!

A little something that my friends and family know about me…;I LOVE giving gifts. I love planning for them, shopping for them, wrapping them and most of all, giving them. I also LOVE sending birthday cards in the mail to family that is far away. The problem? I don’;t remember anyone’;s birthday until Facebook sends me a reminder the day ofburlap pillow cover diy, ha!

I made this cute and easy DIY Birthday reminder box to help me remember in advance and keep everything together. I also added some fun “;favorite things”; cards to keep track of gift ideas for those important people in my life that I purchase gifts for on a regular basis.

The box is big enough to hold cards too! So I counted out how many cards I would need for each month and put them behind the month cards.

Then, each month I can pull out the month card and all the cards behind it and write them out right then. I can address them all and they’ll be ready to put out in the mail in time for their birthdays!

I think this would make a great mother’;s day gift, a fun birthday gift, or if you’;re like me…;a gift for yourself to get you more organized!

Let’;s make it!


First things first we need to make the box. Cut the 1×;4 into your 4 pieces. 2 need to be 6 inches, the other 2 need to be 4 1/4 inches.

Then measure and cut your scrap piece of plywood to?a square that is 5 3/4 x 5 3/4.

Sand edges of all pieces of wood to get off the rough edges.

Using the wood glue, glue edges together, putting the shorter pieces inside the longer pieces. Then use the glue around the bottom and attach the plywood piece.

Now, use the nail gun (or hammer and nails) to attach the bottom in each corner.

Then attach the sides with the nail gun, and you have a box!

After the box is put together, it’;s time to paint! I went with white…;because that’;s what I do, I paint everything white.

Let it dry and move onto making the cute things for the inside!

First, print the free printable calendars.

Then cut each month 4 inches wide.

And then cut them 6 inches long.

Then you’;ll have a cute little stack of calendars ready to add birthdays to!

I just write the first name of each person (unless there are multiple people with the same name obviously), and if there are two or more birthdays on the same day, I just put a good space between them.

To separate the months, I used washi tape to make tabs, I put about a 2 inch piece on the corner of each month.

Then I folded it over to make a tab.

I did this on opposite sides for every other month in coordinating tapes. You could make this in your favorite color, or make it totally rainbow if you wanted.

Now for the favorite things cards. I LOVE having these! I cut all of them to 4×;6 as well and I didn’;t add any washi, but you totally could. I just put these behind the month card that their birthday belongs in. Lots of gift ideas can come from knowing their favorite things, and there is lots of room at the bottom to add notes.

You can either send out an email and ask your favorite friends and family members these questions, or have them fill them out themselves at the the next gathering. It would be a great idea to do at a favorite things party!

To finish decorating the box, I cut out the word birthdays on my Cameo in a silver vinyl.

Then I used a little washi that I used on the cards to decorate the box a bit.

Then to make sure I’;m always prepared with a card, I purchased a box of fun blank cards at Michaels in cute colors.

It looks super cute sitting near my gift wrapping station.

Who do you know that needs a birthday reminder box?



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