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burlap pillow cover diy A Scandi-style kitchen and bathroom with a coastal-cool feel - sofa pillow covers

A budget of $36,000 and input from designers at DJ Cabinetry have resulted in this?Scandi-style kitchen with?a roomy scullery

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Who lives here? Fleur Clough (recruitment consultant at Eclipse Recruitment), husband Anthony (client relationship manager for directional drillers CDS), Emma, 1burlap pillow cover diy, and Persian cats Kinda and Lilly Bear.

Where is your home? Red Beach, overlooking the Orewa Estuary. We are lucky enough to have a waterfront section, thanks to the foresight of Anthony who bought a wee bach on the property more than 15 years ago. We lived in that until we bowled it and built our forever home.


The briefThe clients wanted an open-plan, light, coastal look and feel, incorporating warm wood veneer and a large scullery space. So our focus was designing a really functional kitchen for this young family, with sustainable, quality materials.

The designInitially, we came up with a few concepts that were tweaked in discussion with Fleur and Anthony. Knowing that we were using wood veneer, I wanted a seamless, grain-matched look with quality hardware and finishes. Designing a kitchen which clients would be using for themselves makes it a lot easier to exactly tailor the space to their lifestyle.

The resultA warm, on-trend kitchen with flow and functionality in line with the initial brief. The initial estimate for the kitchen and scullery was just over $32,000; the final cost was $36,000 due to extra drawers and waterfall ends added throughout the process.

Fleur, where did you stay while your home was being built? We were lucky enough to be baby-free during the build of our home (Emma was born one month after we moved in). We lived in Anthony’s parents’ granny flat, which is just 10 minutes away.

Who managed the project? I managed?a lot of the kitchen design myself but?had never built a home before, so?I picked the brains of the specialists.?I was extremely happy with the open and honest working relationship with DJS Cabinetry for all aspects of the project from their design advice and pricing to the end product.

Describe the finished result... We have a kitchen which works very well in its entirety and is incredibly easy to live?and work in.

Words?by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Larnie Nicolson.

















All cooks love snacks. They need them to keep going on a long afternoon of cooking or as a quick appetizer for impromptu guests. Whip up a quick batch of tasty nuts and put them in a simple clear glass jar topped with a ribbon.

Christmas ornaments have become such an indispensible part of the holidays, it’s hard to imagine a Christmas celebration without them. But there was a time when many Americans thought the idea of putting a tree inside your home was…well, a little absurd! Actually, Christmas wasn’t widely celebrated at all in the United States until the 1840s, at least not with carols, decorations and merry festivities. It’s not that we were a country of humbugs, exactly. But as a young nation with strong Puritanical roots, many Americans at the time saw Christmas trees as pagan symbols that dishonored the sacred meaning of the holiday.

After reading yesterday’s post ‘the safety pin (and other everyday object) improvisations’, Lydia Wills sent me photos from fashion designer Junya Watanabe’s 2005 collection, where he used zippers and snaps in the most beautiful way: layers of gold zippers become something totally other. Look closely and you’ll see that, aside from the gold plating, these are essentially standard-issue 8-or-so-inch zippers with their fabric siding in a gorgeous color – lots of them – stitched snugly side-by-side and overlapping. One of the most dazzling permutations of this playing-about with zippers is this sensational collar…