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Happy Monday, my stenciling friends!? If you’;re wondering why the folks here at Cutting Edge Stencils are so cheerful well then we have some news for you! We actually have two things to be very excited about today.? First, we kicked off our Mother’;s Day Stencil Sale on Friday. Use the code LOVEMOM and take 20% off all stencils.

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Isn’;t that fab news?? Now before you rush off to order your favorite wall stencils, we want you to be inspired by this stunning laundry room makeover.? Who would have thought a space that is dedicated to such a bore of a chore could be so stylish.? Let’s take a look…;

We’;d like you to meet Sharon, the DIY decorating enthusiast behind the blog Pretty Practical Homeburlap pillow cover diy, and take a look at her stylish laundry room makeover.

Sharon signed up to participate in a project called the One Room Challenge which was designed by Linda from Calling it Home.? The purpose of the fun challenge was to have DIY bloggers put their creativity, perseverance and patience to test by completing a room makeover in four short weeks.? Sharon’;s goal was to make over her small laundry room.? She wanted to complete DIY projects that would make this room not only functional but also stylish.? Here is the room she started with…;

Sharon started browsing Pinterest for ideas and she fell in love with a gorgeous blue and white wallpaper.? Unfortunately the wallpaper was unpasted which meant it was going to be more work, more hassle, and whole lot more money.? It’;s a good thing Sharon doesn’;t give up easily! Soon after, Sharon realized that our wall stencils mimic wallpaper but they are easy to apply and much more affordable.? Here is the inspiration board she put together.

With a plan in hand, Sharon kicked off the project by painting her walls white.? Then she chose our Sari Paisley Allover, an intricate Indian inspired pattern.? She painted the pretty pattern in Sherwin Williams’; Jet Blue.? She used blue painters tape to adhere the stencil to the wall.? Then she poured her paint into a paper plate and painted with a dense foam roller.

Once the stencil was complete, Sharon completed the room with several DIY projects.? She added some wicker baskets for sorting, a new light fixture, an area rug, and a gold mirror.? You can read about the details of her One Room Challenge on her blog. Ready to see more of Sharon’;s stylish laundry room after its makeover?

She had this to say about her newly stenciled space, “;I’d just as soon call it awesome, because that’s my favorite word when I love something this much!”;? We’;re going to have to agree because this room is gorgeous!

Here is a close up the pretty stencil pattern.

And because we love a good before and after.? Here is a side by side comparison:

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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