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burlap pillow cover diy 5 Cool Speakers For Your Home pillow covers floral

You love music, but even if you consider yourself a true audiophile, the cost of high-end sound can beburlap pillow cover diy, frankly, a little ridiculous. But if you are a sound and aesthetic enthusiast and don’t mind spending a cool sum to upgrade your current audio system or getting brand new ones, ?then you are at the right page.

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Today we have for you 5 cool audio speakers which look super? cool, provide great sound and if purchased will definitely notch up your popularity quotient a couple of bars.

Even though the above mentioned speakers is our top 5, there are plenty of more options for you depending on your budget and other requirements. Simply click here to browse through our entire collection of speakers. Remember, an important part of the process for refining your speaker search is to consider the space they will be operating in. Happy listening!

As I created the design for A Golden Age Wallpaper, I was thinking about the the great Dutch floral still-life painters of the 17th Century, and their intense, life-long study of flowers: the thousands of peonies, ranunculi, Mediterranean narcissi, and tulips that they must have sketched! Of course, these flowers would have been especially exotic at that time, as they arrived aboard the trading ships of the East India Company, some returning to the Netherlands from ports as far away as Asia.

Here’s an easy project for some super cute DIY pomander balls. My maid of honor helped me create these, and I’m getting double duty usage from them since I displayed them on tables at my bridal shower then plan on using them to hang in the windows of the church!?

A note from Melanie Testa, artist, author, teacher, agent provocateur, firebrand, and BERNINA National Artisan: