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burlap pillow cover diy 3 WAYS TO DRESS YOUR DINNING TABLE FOR CHRISTMAS linen pillow covers

Le colors nouveau est arrivé;! It is misty and cloudy in the best possible way. How do you style it? What we did was layer the table with a forest greentableclothand a blue fogplacemat. Of course, proper linennapkinsare a must. We chose the forest green ones to do the job.

Alsoburlap pillow cover diy, the dim light of candles brings the colors together for a subtle and sophisticated look.

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If you are aiming for a more vibrant yet classical style, gofor a navy linentableclothalong with some beautiful burgundynapkins. Opt for a goldcutleryset and nothing’s going to beat the charm of your festive table style.

There’s always a traditional way to decorate yourChristmas table. Our classical layered table style includes a white linentablecloth, cafe cremetable runnerandnapkins. Did we mention that the café; creme color happened to be a star of this season? Because it is! Looks lovely with the classics.

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