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accent pillow case baby burlap m&m wrapper dress (garbage is opportunity) geometric cushion covers

We find ourselves inadvertently collecting images of fabulous dresses made out of unlikely materials, like this beauty made by ?Cristina Liedtke ?from discarded peanut M&;M wrappers. It’;s on display at?TerraCycle’s Green Up Shop, a pop-up shop set up in empty retail space in Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City.

“;To create the gown, more than 1accent pillow case baby burlap,800 flowers were individually cut and sewn from 600 Peanut M&;M wrappers, a time-consuming process that took over 100 hours of labor. (Five yards of silk charmeuse and silk shantung were used for the lining.)

canvas throw pillow covers

Liedtke’s wearable artwork depicts flowers in bloom: The top of the dress displays the initial budding, while the middle portrays a ‘;landscape of blooming vibrant poppies,’; according to the designer. ‘;Finally, the bottom of the dress expresses a collage of fully bloomed mature flowers,’; she adds.

Terracycle is a company who makes useful products out of garbage, like an Oreo Wrapper Kite and planters made out of crushed computers and fax machines.?They?package the products in “;garbage”; as well: used/recycled bottles, boxes etc. Terracycle?seems to have figured out ways of recycling that have stymied city governments.

Says CEO Tom Szaky: “;Garbage is opportunity.”;

Check out this video about Terracycle:

via eCouture via BoingBoing

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