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accent pillow case baby burlap Up-cycling Interior Design Ideas for Your Master Bedroom funny cushion covers

To end our mini-series on up-cycling we take a look at master bedrooms. As this is the one room which, for the most part, we keep to ourselves the design should reflect our personality and embrace the interior design style which we love the most. Up-cycling isn't restricted to living rooms, kitchens and guest roomsaccent pillow case baby burlap, it can be used to create a bespoke bedroom design which fills us with pride at our achievements.

Keeping it Simple Master bedrooms don't have to be lavish and highly decorative to get the wow factor. Simplicity holds the key to many successful interiors and we can use this simplicity to create a stunning bedroom on a show string.

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Furniture Fancies Every bedroom has to have a bed – fact. However, the bed doesn't have to be the all singing, all dancing style with built-in plasma televisions and games consoles. As the bed is usually the focal point in a bedroom it makes senses to focus your attention on it. Replace an out-dated headboard with an up-cycled one; recover your existing headboard with cheap curtain fabric to give it an instant up-date. You don't need any special skills, just the fabric, a staple gun or upholstery tacks and a little time. If you're fed up with a fabric headboard try using an old dressing table mirror. The larger the better to keep it in proportion to the bed. With a lick of paint and some substantial wall fixings your bed can be transformed in a blink of an eye.

Beautiful Bedding As we've discussed in our post on guest bedrooms, patchwork bedspreads can also be made from cheap curtain fabric. Duvet sets can also be up-cycled by adding lace trims to the edges of pillow cases. Use cheap cushions to give throw cushions a new look – these can also be given embellishments to up-scale them a little.

Accessories Bedroom chairs which have seen better days can be up-cycled by a lick of paint and recovering the seat. Throws can be used for extra warmth on the bed or to up-cycle an old, but comfortable, armchair. Think outside the box a little and you'll soon realise that you can give every room in your home a makeover without spending vast amounts of money. Look out for a bedding sale, cheap curtain fabric, cheap rugs and cheap cushion covers and although you may not have actually up-cycled some of your soft furnishings you can say that your home's makeover didn't break the bank.

You love that hotel room for the beautifully done-up bed and luxury bedding. But, how to make your home, bed like the hotel one. Is it possible? You spend so much time in your bedroom and if you manage to layer it like a designer, then you may not want to spoil it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Well, some cons of having done a bedroom to perfection. But, is it truly that difficult or maybe just getting a few things right can give you the perfect bed.

What is large? Bigger than a mailbox? An elephant? A gymnasium?

Our Quilt Block of the Month series is beginning to wind down,andthis Ohio Star Quilt Block is the second to last block in the series. Next month I’ll share the final block, then in September we will get to talkabout stitching all the blocks together into a finished quilt!