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accent pillow case baby burlap Trust The Timing In Your Life – Handmade Card personalised birthday gifts

We have had a wonderful month with our guest designer?Nadia Cannizzo who has taken us in new color directions and fun mixed media?techniques over the past few weeks. ?The end of the year is near and her message “;Trust?the timing of your life”; is a wonderful reminder to trust where you are in life, reflect on the year gone by and look?forward to the year ahead and know?that the time past has helped form who you are and the time to come will change you in wonderful ways.

Nadia layers with?delicate details from?the base of the card up. ?Each element adds a?unique?touch and the colors go so well together. ?True encouragement to try?different color combinations. ?

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Save old buttons, metal pieces from broken?jewelryaccent pillow case baby burlap, snaps from old jeans, gears and more, they add wonderful detail to?your?projects –; holiday or everyday. ?

Choosing a pattern?like the?harlequin?and then?add it a few?different way such as textured medium, stamps, paper cut outs, etc. allowing the theme to be found?subtly through?the project. ?

Broken pieces of rulers and other cast away items look as if they fit right in when paired with like items and then covered with different paints and textures.

Thanks to Nadia for sharing her creative soul with us and giving CCB products a try, we hope you have enjoyed getting to know us as well and we look forward to seeing more of your creative work in the future.

So be reminded to trust the timing in?your life and get ready for a wonderful new year.

Happy New Year!!!

Don’;t forget to put more craft time on your New Year’;s Resolution list!!!



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