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accent pillow case baby burlap Sleeping like Donald Judd in Low-to-the Floor Beds, with Details and Plans geometric cushion covers

Judd Foundation

At the Judd Foundation instagram, we stumbled on this wonderful bedroom with a very Judd-esque low bed, covered in colorful rugs and blankets.? It is the Winter Bedroom in La Mansana de Chinati in Marfa, Texas. Informally known as The Block, it is the site of some of the artist’s first large-scale architectural projects.

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We’;ve long been smitten with Judd’;s very minimalist furniture, especially his low-to-the-floor bedaccent pillow case baby burlap, which we’;ve read, was the first piece of furniture he designed for his Spring Street loft in New York City. In our Our House Tour of his Soho Loft,?we found this:

There is something dreamy about sleeping so low to the floor in a spacious room, as though on a raft…;

Judd outfitted the platform with a outlets, phone and lamp…;

ounodesign.com via the New York Times

At the Tate Modern website, we found this photo by Judd of his wife, Julie Finch,? Flavin Judd and Rainer Judd in the family bedroom on the fifth floor of 101 Spring Street, New York, 1970.? You can see the inner workings of the middle bed: slats on the floor with planks laid crosswise across them.

Donald Judd ? Judd Foundation

It is great to see how the austere space really looked with people inhabiting it, along with lots of art. We could imagine dreaming, drawing, sleeping, reading, hanging out…;

If we didn’;t need to store stuff under our bed, we’;d make ourselves one.

Plans for one of Judd’;s bed designs, which can also be ordered, can be found at Donald Judd Furniture.

Donald Judd Furniture

Donald Judd Furniture

Donald Judd Furniture

As I mentioned in the first installment of this series, when I found out I was pregnant, a fastidious friend passed along?a spreadsheet?to me of all the baby essentials I’d need for the first six or so months. My secret skill is that I am a powerhouse Googler, so I ended up using my friend’s list as a jumping-off point to satisfy my need to obsessively research every possible thing on planet Earth. Now, two kids later, and as founder of?a maternity company, I am waist-deep in mama/baby/parent stuff all day, every day. I’ll admit that I’ve probably gone deeper than most (sane) people are willing to go, and have since created my own Google doc that I email around to any friend of mine who I find out is pregnant. I’ve easily passed this on to 40 friends who have in turn passed it on to their friends in the sisterhood of the traveling spreadsheet fashion. I edited it once after the babe arrived, once more after babe No. 2, and then one more time after hearing from some of my best friends who had kids. The first post featured products for sleeping, changing, feeding and pumping, and transporting. This one includes clothing, bathing and grooming, playing, first aid, and gadgets (plus some things that other parents swear by but that I didn’t find particularly useful.)

Youngsters can hardly contain their excitement this time of year. But you can, with a fun-filled advent calendar.