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This is the first in a series of tips I am sharing with you, proud new owners of BERNINA 7 Series sewing machines, as I discover new and exciting features on my new B 780.

Today’;s tip: How to adjust the hover position of the presser foot while the needle is down.

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When you first turn on your new BERNINA some settings have not yet been selected for you. The welcome screen will look much like this:

The screen is blue and the presser foot does not lift when the needle stops in the down position. This can be useful if you are sewing very slippery fabric or do not use a lot of pins to keep your layers together. (I recommend using lots of pins myself.) To lift the presser foot with this setting you need to either use the up and down button manually or the use the knee lift (Freehand System). For a multitude of reasons you might want to lift the presser foot oftenaccent pillow case baby burlap, I know I do –?and not just when sewing curves! For these times it is possible to set the machine to hover when the needle down option is selected.

The following pictures will show you how; just follow the stylus:

This last step is very important! By closing with the x you will save your new settings.

You might be asking yourself, “Why is her background green and mine is blue?” Well, I have a little bonus tips for you today.

Bonus tip: How to change the screen color.

Follow the stylus one more time:

Only 4 steps to a “more you” background just Don’t forget to exit by pressing the x!

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Blue jeans, denims, Levis?, whatever you call them, are my preferred long pants. When I was young and more fashion conscious, I insisted on genuine Levis?. Now I wear whatever gives the best combination of price and wear. Wear is a sore point, however. The lifetime of a pair of jeans is determined by holes that usually develop at the knees. Jeans remind me of over-inflated car tires. Put too much air in your tires, and they’ll wear through in the center of the tread while there is still a lot of life left in the rest of the tire. The knee sees the most wear, on both sides of the fabric.

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