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accent pillow case baby burlap Introducing the Australian Open Towel Collection accent pillow case baby

We are excited to be the Official Towel Supplier of the Australian Open once again this year.

To celebrate the partnership, we havelaunched the Australian Open Towel Collection available for purchase in the lead up to and for the duration of the major Grand Slam held in Melbourne, Australia.

pillow sham pattern

Re-live the excitement of the Australian Open with our souvenir collection of Player, Gymaccent pillow case baby burlap, Beach and the newly introduced Round Beach Towel, featuring a unique tennis inspired design created by the artists in the Sheridan Sydney Design Studio.

‘We wanted to capture the excitement of the Australian Open in the deconstructed racquet design, with the iconic palette of the Australian landscape’s oceanic blues and vibrant wattle yellows.’

The contemporary stripes and impactful deconstructed jacquard tennis racquet designs of the collection were inspired by the excitement of the Australian Open, whilst the vivid Pacific blues and energetic Wattle yellows were inspired by the brightness of sun drenched Australian summers.

The hero of the collection, the Player Towel, is the same sized towel supplied by Tennis Australia to the players on court during the Australian Open, designed in bright seasonal colourways. Get active withthe Gym Towel, perfect for high intensity activity.

Perfect for the summer, the iconic Beach Towel features a contemporary stripe design, available in Wattle. The towel is made from a soft twist 100% cotton terry complemented with a velour side for use at the beach, while also providing excellent absorbency and a super soft feel. Also perfect for the warmer months, our new Round Beach Towel in a timeless blue palette with a pop of yellow on the surround.

You love that hotel room for the beautifully done-up bed and luxury bedding. But, how to make your home, bed like the hotel one. Is it possible? You spend so much time in your bedroom and if you manage to layer it like a designer, then you may not want to spoil it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Well, some cons of having done a bedroom to perfection. But, is it truly that difficult or maybe just getting a few things right can give you the perfect bed.

What is large? Bigger than a mailbox? An elephant? A gymnasium?

Our Quilt Block of the Month series is beginning to wind down,andthis Ohio Star Quilt Block is the second to last block in the series. Next month I’ll share the final block, then in September we will get to talkabout stitching all the blocks together into a finished quilt!