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It’;s the best?time of year for?fresh starts — and your home?is an ideal?place to begin?turning over a new leaf! Revitalizing?your sanctuary with lush green plants?as decor elements?invokes?a cool, calm?frame of mind that helps?you focus on this year’;s goals. It also lends?a healthy dose of style to your space that’;ll fuel your creativity and inspire you all year long.

When you’;ve decided?to start growing an inspiring space full of vibrant plants, the next question becomes: How do I decorate with them? We’;re here to help you make your house even more homey with bright?ideas for decorating with plants.

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Choosing a planter or vase is arguably the most important (and in our opinion — the most fun!) piece of the plant styling puzzle. Think about the vibe?you’;re going for. How do you want to feel in the room you’;re decorating? If your aim is a serene atmosphere, consider vases in neutral hues or soothing oceanic?blue or green tones grouped together. For an energizing,?creative space, a?vividly-colored vase offers a fun splash and can serve as an eclectic?focal point for coffee tables and side tables. For large plantsaccent pillow case baby burlap, you may?prefer?a lightweight option like a gorgeous woven basket.?Crafted from natural fibers, baskets used as planters convey?a peaceful?look brimming with texture.?

Creating?your own terrarium is a fantastic?DIY project?and the result really breathes life into any?room. They’;re a breeze to put together using a clear glass vase and any combination of air plants, succulents, real or faux moss, smooth river stones, etc. This is one of our favorite projects to do with a group of friends, too!

To showcase?the fresh look a terrarium has to offer, place one in a windowsill, on your home office desktop, on the coffee table, or on a bedside table so you can fall asleep and wake up to a?gorgeous shot of lush?green. If you opt for a hanging terrarium (check out our?make-it-yourself?macrame terrarium tutorial), we find that a nearby window filtering nice,?soft light triggers?an automatic?smile every time.

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Incorporate?subtle-yet-eyecatching dashes of color throughout your space with flowering plants. If like us, your thumb isn’;t as green as it could be, you can always go for faux. Beautifully crafted, lifelike?florals?provide bright and cheery decor you’;ll enjoy season after season without lifting a finger or worrying about spilled dirt or mischievous pets (and?nobody will ever guess they’;re not the real deal!)

A chic shelf takes your plant decor style to the next level and?serves dually as handy storage, a win-win! We love the look of lively plants scattered among functional shelf items like?kitchen?dinnerware, home office supplies, and of course, the stacks of your favorite novels.

Floating?shelves and glass shelves that allow your plants to soak up the available natural light are superb?choices. Shelves also lend themselves brilliantly?to displaying your personal treasures alongside your?plants for fresh style that’;s thoroughly?you.

Grow your plant decor inspiration with these?6 Houseplants for a Healthier Home.?

Custom and personalized pencils are the best. There’s no better way to show you’re a Harry Potter fan than with an “Expelliarmus” pencil or to highlight your love of books with a pencil that has “I’d rather be reading” etched on it.

We get?this question?a lot – “what do I do with the art I have colored in my adult coloring books?” ?We love the question and we have so many ideas to share. ?Crew Member,?Kyriakos, turns the art into a notebook and the results are stunning. ?When you color the art yourself, your way, your creation is so personal and so you. ?You do not have to rely on the color palette being chosen or work with colors you don’t love. ?You can choose the look and feel and then color or work with?something you have already colored and find papers, embellishments and elements that accent your coloring. ?Use the colored pages as they are or cut them up and use them throughout your creation. ?If a?mini book is not your thing, create a journal, agenda, notebook cover, piece of art, layout or a series of cards. ?There are simply no rules. ?

If you are passionate about the retro or vintage style of interior decoration, then you are in the right place! Shabby chic decor ideas will never become old-fashioned – they are simply timeless, and the best thing about this type of decor is that you can easily achieve it even on a very tight budget. Here you will find more than 25 different DIY shabby chic decor ideas that you can use to redefine your bedroom, your living room or your kitchen!