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accent pillow case baby burlap Handmade Nation Third Printing personalized rustic pillow covers

Wow. It hasn't even been out three months, and ";Handmade Nation"; is already in it's THIRD PRINTING!

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I can't imagine it needs another introduction, but just in case...";Handmade Nation"; is a must read book and companion to Faythe Levine's independent filmby the same nameaccent pillow case baby burlap, which documents the upsurge of modern craft, art, design, and DIY culture.

The book was released in September, featuring 24 indie artists and crafty types (including Jenny Hart!), with super cool illustrations by Kate Bingman-Burt. The documentary will be premiering in January/February 2009 with locationsand details soon to come. In the meantime why not support the production costs of the film by procuring a Limited Edition set of Handmade Nation embroidery patterns?

Oh, and if you're in Chicago tonight, head to Quimby's at 7pm for a book signing with Faythe Levine &; Cortney Heimerl.

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Clock’s ticking fast and now your heart is pounding more than ever. Anticipation, excitement, hopes and in some cases fear are the heightened emotions as Valentine’s week is approaching. Love is everywhere. You find it in the smile of your girlfriend, possessiveness of your boyfriend, taunts of your friends, care of your siblings and selflessness of your parents.

Purdy Devis House photographed by Lisa Romerein

Hi Everyone! ?Holly Simoni here. ?I’m so excited and beyond words for the opportunity to be on the Tattered Angels Design Team for another year!