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accent pillow case baby burlap DIY Magnetic Kitchen Board personalised birthday gifts

Decorating your home can be so much fun, especially when you have the opportunity to do a little DIY and customize a specific piece. DIY can be a great way to get exactly the look you want, and also make something function for you! We thought this magnetic kitchen board created by Angélique Jarrier was not only cleveraccent pillow case baby burlap, but pretty as well! With just a little of our burlap and a number of other items,?she gave her magnetic board a gorgeous makeover!

‘;Hello, here is my new creative project with?a tutorial!?A magnetic board for the kitchen. This idea can adapt itself for quite different rooms where the need for organization is present. For?example,?an office or?a scraproom!A little history of this project-??for quite some time, I have had?a magnetic picture in my kitchen?which I found very practical but absolutely ugly (not matched with the rest of my decoration). He was quite metal, simple and without charm. My home’;s style is more of a “;country charm”; look,?so this metal piece did not match, and?I had to quickly find?an idea.I was strongly inspired by the burlap. I decided to use burlap to give my metal piece a makeover!’; –; explains her inspiration Angelique.

accent pillow case baby burlap sofa

MATERIALS USED:–; CC Burlap by the yard (Rustic) –; CC Saggy Baggy- Natural Canvas –; Cup (2) –; CC Cord- Jute Balls Natural 225′; –; CC Canvas Garland –; CC Mini Clothespins- Jacobean (25 pieces) –; CC Tags &; Ties Skinny –; Chalkstock (5) –; 7Gypsies Trinkets –; Old Kitchen Gadgets –; Magnetic board –; Hot glue gun –; glue –; scissors –; magnets







photo: craig stephen

A chunky cable at the front of this cowl just increases the snuggle factor.

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