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accent pillow case baby burlap DIY Little Pillows and a Painted Rug personalised birthday gifts

We love when creativity leaves the art table or the book shelf and becomes a part of every day living. ?Netra shows us a fun way to make simple and easy pillows that are so fun and so personal. ?You can create custom pillows in just a few easy steps that are the perfect finishing touch to your child’;s bed, the front porch or the family room. ?Start with a blank canvas or burlap pillow and let the creativity begin. ?The natural blank pillows are made with 100% 10 oz.?cotton fabric. ?This weight is perfect for any creating discipline you choose. ?The pillows are available in round, square and rectangle in a wide range of sizes. ?If canvas is not what you are looking for, Canvas Corp has a full offering of burlap pillow covers in the same shapes and sizes.

Netra chose to work with the round canvas pillows and our canvas rugs to create her amazing little pillows and to update the cutest little girls room. ?The natural canvas makes it so easy to work with and virtually any paints will work. ?While you may want to choose a fabric paint or add a fabric paint medium to your paintaccent pillow case baby burlap, it is not required. ?We only suggest this when you plan to wash your decorative pillows. ?You can use Glimmer Mist, High Impact, your favorite acrylic paint, dye, ink, stain and more. ?You can also use your favorite stencils to add a background or design element. ?When adding embellishments of any kind, you can sew or glue them into place. When?gluing,?we recommend Beacon’;s Fabri-tac or 3 in 1 or?your?favorite glue gun for the best results. ?There is no need to wash your pillow before you decorate, unless you want to create a very soft, vintage feel. ?

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Enjoy this creative project and we hope it inspires you to bring your pillow visions to life.

I love everything that has to do with creating and designing. Paper crafts is my first love and then Interior Decor is a close second. Canvas Corp Brands fuels both of those passions. A few weeks back I sketched some sweet little faces on paper. I shared via Instagram. I was going to color with them and add to frames. But after browsing the CCB store, I came across these round?pillow cases. And, the faces were transformed into little people as these pillows were created. Of course a matching canvas rug would complete the look so I added one of those to my cart. ?The canvas rugs are made from a heavy duty canvas (14 ounces) so they are perfect for actually using in a room and you can design your own rug anyway you want. ?These simple yet fun elements were the completion to my room decor for my daughters and so I am so thankful to CCB for having awesome products. They love their new decor pieces and so do I.

The Pillows

Or create the perfect little hangout nook!

Wow –; that is all we can say! These honestly could not get any cuter. Netra, will you make us some?!

Check out Netra’;s blog here!

Happy creating!

This time last year on Freshome, we wrote about the trend for knitting and crochet in interior design?and we are happy to report that the trend is still going strong. What was once considered to be an old fashioned past-time reserved for grandmas has become increasingly popular in recent years as younger generations have rediscovered the value and pleasure in the handmade and the hand crafted. At the forefront of this trend is Melanie Porter, a renowned British designer who is becoming known around the world for her?ability to create exquisite, textured fabrics which are individually knitted and felted?before being used to create unique and one-off furnishing items. Melanie’s oversized knits certainly caught our eye and we were intrigued as to how she goes about creating her signature pieces. We caught up with her to find out more.

Innovative advances in technology have resulted in a lot of new material products put to use within the sleep industry. Since searching for a comfortable pillow to aide in a truly restful night can be a challenge, you probably have come across a seemingly endless supply of different pillows from which to choose from. This can become overwhelming very quickly and may leave you with choices that you are still unsure of- especially if you have been trying to choose from more recently introduced products.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to show how much you care for your family, friends and loved ones. As the age old adage says, the more you give, the more you get.