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accent pillow case baby burlap Clever Colour Combinations – Part 1- Chocolate And Turquoise funny cushion covers

Finding colour combinations which suit your personality and the style of your interior can be difficult! This year and for spring 2010 chocolate and turquoise are amongst the hottest colour combinations to use in lounges and bedrooms.

These gorgeous colours can perk up a dull and dingy interior, bringing a new lease of life to your living space. You don't necessarily have to re-paint walls and ceilings if they are white or beige as these make a good base colour from which both chocolate and turquoise are enriched.

accent pillow case baby burlap boudoir

In living rooms simple chocolate coloured throws can be used on sofas and chairs with beautiful turquoise cushions piled high! Move over to the windows and look for cheap ready made curtains in turquoise to brighten the room. Use full length curtains to give the illusion of more height, if you live in a modern style of home the latest metal curtain poles and eyelet curtains which created lovely wave effect pleats are a great choice. Opt for sheer voile curtains or sensual faux crushed silk to add different textures which are wonderfully tactile!

If you prefer a more traditional style of pencil pleat curtains use curtain tracks which enable effortless glidingaccent pillow case baby burlap, there is nothing more annoying than having beautiful curtains which jam up on the curtain tracks, because this means the curtains are likely to be pulled across unevenly which simply spoils the entire look! You may not need to replace the curtains tracks, just wipe them with a damp cloth and dry with paper towels, finish off by buffing with a duster!

In the bedroom there are some wonderful printed duvet sets available in these gorgeous colour combinations which will look stunning in all styles of homes. In modern home these colour compliment natural wood, making the ideal choice if you have stripped floorboards or laminate flooring.

Windows can be dressed with wooden blinds which compliment the flooring or a combination of curtains which match the duvet cover and wooden blinds, the choice is yours! Either way the windows need to work in harmony with the duvet sets to bring cohesion and balance to the room, remember the cleaning tips if your curtain tracks are not running smoothly!

The size of your rooms will determine which of the colours you have as the most dominant. Small rooms will appear larger if you use turquoise as the main colour whist larger rooms can have either colour and still look stunning!

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