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accent pillow case baby burlap Clever Colour Combinations Part 4- Amethyst And Amber funny cushion covers

Find complimentary colour combinations is made easy by the latest interior design styles giving you a helping hand! One of the key features in creating successful interiors is to remember the all important finishing touches which remain within your chosen colours. More often than not people are able to make a decision on their basic colours and then for no apparent reason forget that the soft furnishings and aspects such as curtain tracks, curtain poles and display objects play an equally as important part in the overall finish of a room.

The latest design style in curtains are easy to hang eyelet curtains hung from complimentary coloured curtain poles. Nowadays you can purchase the poles, along with all of the necessary fixings complete with stunning end finials to enhance the overall beauty of your windows.

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Hand blown glass finials are the latest in-trend way to create stunning windows. As the finials are hand blown no two are identical giving you a bespoke window treatment. To further enhance their beauty designers have used gorgeous amethyst and amber to create bubbles and swirls of colour within the glass finials. To further enhance the finials it is possible to have a small light emitting its light through the glass creating the most beautiful visual effects.

Teaming amethyst and amber creates a soft and subtle elegance to a room. These beautiful colours compliment each other perfectly and enable you to choose between the two when selecting your ready made curtains. Opt for sheer fabrics such as voile curtains or faux silks to add texture to the room or romantic crushed velvets for bedrooms which coordinate with luxury bedding which have they same tactile fabrics incorporated within them.

Amethyst and amber are perfect colours for all styles of homesaccent pillow case baby burlap, from traditional to contemporary. If you love nature scour the shops for genuine pieces of amber which have the remains of insects or fauna captured inside them. Amber is fossilised tree resin which is popular for making jewellery, those with entire remains of insects command high prices, however, synthetic amber is also widely available.

Amethyst can be purchased in large pieces which make the ideal object to display if you are using these colour combinations within a room.

These natural colours are relaxing and soothing make them ideal for bedroom décors along with informally designed lounges which are warm and inviting.

Last weekend I visited the KC Symphony Designers’ Showhouse which was beautiful! Walking through the home, I realized that there is so much to take away from an old house.

Hey friends! I don't know about you, but I have fallen in love with rich, gold finishes lately. When I was shopping for mirrors for our twin girls' DIY bathroom renovation, I fell in love with some gorgeous, but very expensive gold options. Mirror are expensive enough as it is! There was no way I could splurge on the gold ones that I loved if we were going to stay without our renovation budget.

In the 90's magnolia was the colour to paint your walls, now when we mention magnolia you can visually see the colour drain from people's faces as well as their walls! Regarded as a staple colour in many homes magnolia has never really gone out of fashion, it's just been reborn with new names which grab our attention, many making a link to nature to engage our need to feel more responsible for our natural environment.