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accent pillow case baby burlap Birthday Party Dilemma personalized pillow case baby

What a difference a year makes! Last year was my daughter’s third birthday, and it did not require hours of planning to arrange a trip for the kids to the aquarium and then have her little cousins over for cupcakes and hot dogs later that evening in the backyard.? And she couldn’t have been a happier 3 year old.

This year, however, she started preschool and we’ve had a yearlong parade of her classmates birthday parties; theme parties, tea partiesaccent pillow case baby burlap, bowling parties, just to name a few.

accent pillow case baby

So naturally, she’s been asking about her birthday this year.? She wants a party and she wants everyone to come!? Well, I am running out of time and need to make a decision.? Normally, it would be easy to have her classmates to our house, but half our yard will be newly planted grass from a construction project we’re finishing up.

We’ve thought about a “pony” party at the local stables, (however I panicked when they talked about a waiver), Chuck E Cheese, and the local YMCA, but nothing strikes us as the perfect venue. Usually we are asking our subscribers for their design ideas, but today, we’re tapping you for your other creative talents.? Let us know if you’ve struck gold on the birthday party front. ?Your suggestion could help a sweet little four year old have a very special birthday, and would be greatly appreciated by her parents!

You love that hotel room for the beautifully done-up bed and luxury bedding. But, how to make your home, bed like the hotel one. Is it possible? You spend so much time in your bedroom and if you manage to layer it like a designer, then you may not want to spoil it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Well, some cons of having done a bedroom to perfection. But, is it truly that difficult or maybe just getting a few things right can give you the perfect bed.

What is large? Bigger than a mailbox? An elephant? A gymnasium?

Our Quilt Block of the Month series is beginning to wind down,andthis Ohio Star Quilt Block is the second to last block in the series. Next month I’ll share the final block, then in September we will get to talkabout stitching all the blocks together into a finished quilt!