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accent pillow case baby burlap 5 Calming Elements to Put Into Your Work at Home Workstation pillow covers floral

Whether you’;re shoved into the only free corner you can find or you have an entire room to yourself, take the time to look at your workstation and integrate some calming elements to boost productivity and your overall work happiness level.

The lighting of your home office is an important element in managing your productivity and comfort level. If you have an office with southern facing windows, you have access to a good deal of natural light. However, if you feel that there’;s too much light filtering in and causing glare on your monitor and mobile devices, use sheer window treatments to filter out some of the light to a more manageable level. Informed Design suggests that using a focal point with your lighting can help focus your attention.

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For exampleaccent pillow case baby burlap, if your lighting is centered primarily on your workspace, you are going to be more focused on that than the comfortable looking chair in the corner of your office.

You are going to have a hard time finding a zen place in your mind if you have toys, mail, home decor, and everything else scattered over the surfaces of your home office. Take out everything that isn’;t directly related to your business, and minimize the amount of business related equipment you do want in your office.

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that focuses on promoting good energy within the home by adding specific elements in certain configurations around each room. Whether or not you believe in the art, Feng Shui does have a few solid principles for creating a calming workplace. Inc.com reports that adding plants to your workplace is one calming element that works in nearly any home office without taking up a lot of room.

Inc. also recommends placing your desk in such a way that you can see who is entering and leaving the home office. Even if you don’;t bring clients into your home, it’;s useful to have a heads up before your partner or children come barreling in the room, disrupting your work flow.

For many home businesses, the majority of your work is done in front of the computer. Instead of grabbing the chair that came with your desk, or the cheapest special you could find, look into higher end chairs. While the upfront cost may seem steep, the fact that you’;re going to be sitting in the chair for eight hours or more per work day means that a third of your day is spent in the chair. If you’;re not going to skimp on the bed that you sleep in, you shouldn’;t skimp on the chair that you’;re sitting in.

The natural element of metal is being seen in modern and contemporary interior designs, not just in their solid format but also within the colour ranges they provide. Black, white and silver are neutral colours and therefore look striking when used on their own. They can also be used to put the focus on other colours as well as toning down colours which may be too overpowering when used on their own.

While still packed with the ergonomic features parents love (including curved straps, padded backs, and sized-to-fit proportions), the collection now uses recycled PET fabric — made from discarded plastic bottles and reclaimed poly.

Commonly found on quilts, bound edges are also found on other projects including garments, purses, and pillows. Binding is usually a multi-step process but with BERNINA Bias Binders #87 and #88 it’s a one-step technique that makes it quick to create bound edges. This post covers binding basics using Bias Binders #87 and #88.