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We’ve all got our own bag of tricks – products that work great for our skin and that we absolutely can’t do without. But no matter what colour, texture, kind your skin is, everyone needs certain beauty products that are a must-have for all women. They may differ in their type, but the core function remains the same.

So what are these products that are omnipresent on every woman’s dressing table? We bring you a list of five beauty must-haves.

1. Moisturiser Is A Skin Saver

No matter what your skin type, moisturiser is one beauty must-have that every woman should use. From local brands available at drugstores to the fancy ones that cost an entire month’s salary, moisturisers come in a variety of types. You’ll find them for dry skinaccent pillow case baby burlap, oily skin, combination skin and normal skin, so it’s essential to know your precise skin type before picking one up.

Important Tip: Not only does a moisturiser hydrate your skin, but it also keeps it supple, soft, healthy and younger looking. Most moisturisers contain antioxidants that fight the ageing process. Use it every morning and your skin is sure to see a difference.

Must Try: Vaadi Herbals Moisturizing Lotion With Almond Oil &; Jojoba.

2. Don’t Use A Sunscreen? Then Begin Today!

The importance of sunscreen cannot be reiterated enough in a hot and sunny country like ours. In a nation obsessed with fairness, a sunscreen is the most effective way to keep tanning at bay, as well as preventing any skin damage. Contrary to what you may believe, a sunscreen is an important part of your daily beauty regimen, and must be applied every day – even when it’s cloudy and pouring. This is because the sun’s rays are still harmful even in the few minutes your skin may be exposed to them.

Important Tip: If you have oily skin, go in for a gel-based formulation and people with dry skin should go for cream-based ones. Use at least an SPF15 sunscreen daily to prevent pigmentation, sun damage and even skin cancer.

Must Try: VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion.

3. Night Cream Can Do Wonders, Silently

You may think that a night cream is only necessary for older women who are well into their 30s, but that’s where you’d be wrong. While it is true that the primary function of a night cream is anti-ageing, it’s not true that just because you’re in your 20s, your skin does not need that. For it is in your 20s that the skin starts wearing out, which becomes more pronounced in the 30s.

Important Tip: Night creams contain vitamins that enrich and hydrate your skin. After all, it has been proven that the skin absorbs active ingredients better at night-time.

Must Try: Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream.

4. Cleanser Is The Key

Even if you’re not out and about all day, your skin is exposed to dust, dirt and pollution. A facial cleanser is an essential beauty product not only for those who spend large portions of time outdoors or those who wear a lot of make-up, but for every woman. The basic function of a cleanser is to clean the skin, remove any impurities lurking on it and leaving it soft and smooth.

Important Tip: It is recommended that you use a cleanser for your skin type in conjunction with a moisturiser and/or night cream for healthy skin.

Must Try: Vedicline Aromatherapy Cleansing Milk.

5. Under-Eye Gel Is Not A Luxury Anymore

With so much of work being done on computers and the omnipresence of televisions, it is no wonder that the first organs to bear a brunt are your eyes. Your peepers are also the most sensitive parts of your face and can make your entire face look tired and haggard. That is why it is necessary to use an under-eye gel every day.

Important Tip: Keep a small tube handy and apply it twice daily, morning and night, for fresh-looking eyes that will bring a youthful glow to your entire face.

Must Try: Organic Surge Eye Gel.

After first posting about my son’s 13th Birthday here, I’ve had a few questions from readers. 13 year old boy birthday party ideas are hard to come by, and birthdays for boys can be so hard to plan, but this one is pretty simple. This Neon Birthday Party for Teens is another great idea!

I’ve been keeping you up-to-date on our Backyard Farm adventures this summer, just like I did last year. Scarlet and I have been having a blast tending to our garden and cooking and pickling our bounty. Everything was going swimmingly, until I went on a 10-day vacation and a So-Cal summer heat wave set in. We lost a few precious leafy friends, but we also came home to a gorgeous bounty…so gorgeous I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics and sharing them with you. Indulge me as I share some pics of our garden bounty, if only you could all come over and have a taste…

We took our favorite spa blue and kicked it up a notch by using a super saturated version of this color on the walls, Kensington Green #710 by Benjamin Moore. Then, weinfused the rest of the space with a coastal vibe, most notably the White Heron Art print.