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accent pillow case baby burlap 3 Reasons to Choose Linen Clothing for Summer Vacation linen pillow covers

As the popular saying goes, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. And how can it not–meeting new people, trying new foods, simply being in an unfamiliar place is one of the best ways to release lingering prejudices and learn new things about yourself.

This summer,we are particularly inspired by traveling and exploring the world. That's why our 2018linen summer clothing collection is dedicated to various magic places, from Venice to Marrakesh, Porto to Valletta.However, in order to have a fun and stress-free vacation,you must plan first:

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Packing for a vacation is probably one of the hardest things to do as you want to both look goodaccent pillow case baby burlap, feel comfortable, and be prepared for every scenario. That's why we want to make a case for linen as the perfect summer travel companion. And no, this is not just our biased opinion :)

How can anyone compete with the world's strongest natural fiber? It would be like competing with your lungs for air– nature will always have the final say.

In all seriousness, linen is naturally thicker and up to 30% stronger than cotton. It's all becauselinen fiberis longer than that of cotton, and fiber length contributes directly to yarn strength providing less breakage, whichresults in an overall stronger fabric.

Choosing linen clothing for travel means not having to worry about unexpected rips and tears. Linen is also very stable and won't lose its shape after washing– what's worse than taking a dress or a t-shirt out of the washing machine to find it stretched out?! If anything, linen will become softer after every wash. Also, stonewashed linen won't shrink as unwashed linen would,meaning no unpleasant surprises.

Traveling in the summer usually means traveling in the heat. Be it tropical islands or modern cities, the weather gets hot and humid– the last thing you want is clothing that contributes to the already annoying sweat.

More points for linen! Linen fiberis hollow–and looks really cool under a microscope– but more importantly,it allows more airflow so your bodybreathes andperspires less. The skin temperature of those wearing linen clothing in hot weather was measured to be 3-4°C lower than those wearing other materials.

Now, some will argue than linen's breathability makes it unfit to wear in colder weather, which isn't entirely true–linen is a natural insulator and retains heat from your body,but if you're worried about getting chilly, simply bring a light sweater, jacket or scarf.

Another important thing islinen'smoisture-wicking quality. The fabric is very absorbent, but it doesn't mean your clothes will be covered in damp sweat stains. On the contrary, linen gains and releases moisture quickly making it the perfect choice for summer dresses, pants, shirts, and even beach towels.

The ability to pack light is an envied skill. It's not easy to not overstuff your suitcase when you need something for every occasion: beach, hike, dinner at a restaurant... Here's where linen comes in. Again.

Because of the fiber type and how it was woven, clothes made from linen end up being lightweight anddon't take up much space when folded. To compare, a 100% rayon dress weighs 8.6 ounces (245 grams) while a linen dress of the same size weighs only 6.3 (180 grams).

What's more, linen can look both casual and dressy depending on the accessories. You can easily wear a linen dress to the beach with simple espadrilles and thenpair the same dress with some high-heels and jewelry for a more sophisticated look. Why pack multiple pieces of clothing when a few linen items can sustain you the whole trip?

We've heard so many people say they would love to wear linen but they can't deal with how wrinkly it gets. To this, we can only say one thing– to each their own. If your style begs for starched shirts and smoothed-out pants, then linen isn't for you.

However, we live in a time when championing natural beauty and embracing your imperfections is the new big thing, so why not dress in clothing that is as natural and effortless as it gets?

It takes getting used to, but the crumpledness of linen clothing actually makes it feel cozier. It also signifies the quality and purity of the fabric – the wrinklier, the better. Note that when we say wrinkles, we don't mean the creases that appear after folding your garments – they can be removed by ironing, but the naturally crumpled texture of linen will always remain.

Ah, the afternoon energy slump. The slog of hours after lunch and before dinner when all your energy and strength go to keeping your eyes open and your body moving. You reach for a cup of coffee, quickly followed by another…and then another. “Did some monster brew decaf coffee?” you wonder as you desperately wait for the boost of energy promised by guzzling caffeine.

Working with tiles is really popular right now – I’ve seen them turned into some gorgeous creations! ?But if you don’t have an old Scrabble game to re-appropriate tiles from (or you’re like me and?still play?your Scrabble game), there are still other mediums you can use. ?I haven’t found the clear glass tiles anywhere in stores that some people are using, but I have found it’s really not necessary that they are clear – you can use other colors, too! ?Hobby Lobby has a great selection of mosaic tiles – and bonus – they are 30% off this week (the sale ends today, 2/4, but they do go on sale periodically so keep an eye out). ?Pair that with?this week’s 40% off coupon, and supplies for this project are even more reasonable.So here’s what you need:TilesMagnets (I had heavy-duty rounds on-hand from another project, but the tiles aren’t very heavy. ?You could get away with smaller magnets than this.)E6000 or similar permanent adhesiveGraphics for your tiles – stickers, photos, or printoutsDimensional Glaze, like Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (optional, not pictured here. ?I use?Annie Howe’s?Glamour Glaze, but you could also use Mod Podge, or skip the finish altogether depending on what you use for your graphics.)??I opted to get the white tiles, and they don’t show up so well white-on-white (sorry, but I’m a messy crafter – I need my paper towel, LOL). ?But this is the package ?you’re looking for if you’re a Hobby Lobby shopper. ?It’s a package of 48, which might seem excessive, but just wait until you discover how addictive this projects is… you’ll be glad you have a lot! ?I also picked up these fun Valentine stickers at my dollar store, but you could print out customized graphics on your computer, or use photos for a personal touch, too!I needed to trim my stickers down a little – you will want your graphic to be slightly smaller than the tile, because it has rounded edges. ?Be sure to curve the corners slightly, also. ?If you are using a paper or photo graphic, you’ll want to put a coat of Mod Podge or a light coat of glue on your tile.Since I am using a sticker, I just stuck it on.This really feels like cheating, it’s so easy.Now, add some E6000 to your magnets:And stick them on the backs of your tiles.Keep your magnets a good distance away from each other, otherwise, they will try to cling! ?If you happen to be away when this happens, your magnets could adhere in a very unintended way. :PGive it a few minutes to set, then turn them over to work on the front side.Now finishing the front is really up to your tastes. ?In fact, these stickers don’t necessarily?need?additional finishing because they are plastic – I just like the way the glaze looks. ?It gives the whole thing a nice shine, and domes it slightly. ?Besides, I already have it in my supply bin, so it’s no added cost. ?(You won’t find Glamour Glaze in-store – if you’re shopping, look for Mod Podge Dimensional Magic in the same aisle as your tiles. ?It’s also a water-based dimensional glaze and will work the same.)If you do decide to glaze, add a little to the center, and use a toothpick to draw it out to the edges of your tile.It will look a little cloudy at first, but it will dry clear.Now leave them alone and do not touch them for a few hours while they dry and cure. :) (You don’t want to disturb half-dried glaze, because you won’t be able to smooth it back out… don’t ask me how I know!) ?But that’s it!Once they’re dry, they’re ready to hold those important notes to your frig (or your kids’ locker, etc.):

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Taru Jehkonen?here on the CCB blog sharing my art journal entry called ‘You Color My World’.I like a variety of colors but my definite weakness is green – I try to avoid using green whenever possible. But recently Tattered Angels have released two amazing Glimmer Mist colors: Golden Lime and Dark Vintage Green.